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I am new to this board. I am a 43year old male, and have had a few problems in the last few years. The first was some type if virus that triggered a bout of arthristis through out every joint in my body, hard to move and weak. Physician never found the cause, but steroids cleared it up.
Just about 6 months ago I was daignosed with DISH syndrome, stiffness and pain in the neck area.
Now I have hand and elbow problems.
In my right elbow/forearm I have a lack of supination of the wrist, pain and stiffness, and at time the elbow seems to lock-up. My doctor x-rayed my arm and you can see the growth on the bones of the forearm causing the lack of supination. I went to see a surgeon, who operated on my left elbow to remove loose bodies caused by an injury, but he said there is nothing that he could do.
The pain/ stiffness/ lack of range of motion and bouts of locking-up is getting worse. I am thinking about seeing if my doctor could refer me to another specialist.
I have looked at some info on the net and it sounds like some surgeries in this area have been done.
Has anyone else have or had these problems with there elbow or has anyone had surgies to relieve the problem.

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