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As you can see by the dates, this is an old thread so the people who started it may not be around any more. So I'll throw in my 2cents.

I've been on MTX for 5 years and my doc never told me not to drink but then again, I usually don't drink. I have an occasional drink but that is all. MTX is hard on the stomach and can increase bleeding so I imagine if your doc said no drinking, it's because of the possibility of developing ulcers and other problems that can cause bleeding. And the thinning of the blood by MTX makes you much more liable to have a serious or fatal bleed.

There are other drugs but MTX works so well that you might just want to give up the alcohol and be the designated driver. And I wouldn't be surprised if the other drugs don't have the same prohibition. Maybe biologics don't have the prohibition of could ask about those. What kind of arthritis do you have ....RA?


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