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Pain! Help needed
Feb 28, 2007
Hi. Long story I am afraid. I am 51 but have felt more like 100 for years now. I feel very stiff sometimes especially in the morning. My finger joints feel painful sometimes and both hips are very tender when I press them. Sometimes I can't lie on my side because they feel sore. I have had what I thought was tennis elbow for many years now but suddenly both elbow joints (at the base) are tender to touch. My left knee is painful too. Unfortunately I had a bunion op over a year ago and, consequently, this does not appear to have healed properly, and I get pain in my foot and have to wear trainers most of the time (not a good look with skirts!). All of a sudden my neck has started to ache and clicks when I move my head in a certain direction. At the top of my neck when I press my head, it feels sore. All in all I am a total wreck and I am fed up with it. My doctor thinks I am a hypochondriac and just suggests physio. Because there is no swelling or feeling hot he dismisses it.

So - I can't walk far because of my foot (bunion op), I can't ride a bike because of my elbows and neck and I can't play tennis because of the elbow - I can only swim and I don't like that much!

I also get twitching muscles (had those for years) in my arms and legs.

Is there anyone else like me? When I compare myself with friends my age, they all seem fine and I just seem to have something permanently wrong with me. The trouble is nothing ever seems to go .......... I just get something else as well. Most of these things I have had for years - I just get so fed up!

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