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Lab test results?
Nov 20, 2007
I'm looking at my lab results and need to know what do I look for that show OA related? I went to a Rhumo dr. My right foot hurts bad....My second toe is swollen and it feels like it's drawing to the right. It first started with just the toe hurting but now it's radiated to under my foot to the big toe and on top all from the toe. I had a bone scan but it left off the toes. The dr. said I had OA. He put me on Dolobid 500mg twice a day. I've been taking it now going on 3 weeks with no help. I hurt below my shoulder joints down my arm. My knees hurt put I've been taking shots in them now for about a year or so. every 3 months. My hands hurt and I've got a bump on right index finger close to the nail, my thumbs and the outside of my hands hurt. I too think sometimes that people really don't know how bad I hurt. And, the dr. just really did not help me. So, now I'm going to a foot dr.
What do I look for on the lab results that shows the relation to OA?
I've found out more on this board about my OA then What I've paid the Dr. to tell me. So, I will be posting more often. thanks everyone.:confused:

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