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Pain in finger
Dec 10, 2007
I have had an achy stiff type pain in my left index finger for about 2 months. If i banged it , it really hurt. Some positions i put it in hurts too.

What prompted me to write was that today i happened to be out in the cold and rubbed my finger and found this big lump on my knuckle at the side, it looked deformed. It scared the life out of me to find a lump just there like that, with no slow growth or anything.

The lump just appeared. Then something weird happened, i checked it again about 4 hours later and it had gone down somewhat, not totally but it wasnt so big !!

What on earth is it, its quite painful and a bit swollen too, but why did it go down like that? Does anyone have any idea what it might be? might it be rheumatism or arthritis or something worse ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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