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I was so glad to find this board and discover there are many out there positively coping with similar circumstances as mine and offering each other good feedback:) I really could use some ideas, recommendations, support as I'm getting very stressed out over my new 2 month old health problem which my rheumatalogist isn't sure what it is. I'm a 40 year old fit and active (except for the last 2 months) male with a job in marketing who just got married this summer. 2 months ago literally over night I got bad lower back pains on my left side, needed to pee frequently and had body aches from shoulders down to thighs. Went to a urologist who prescribed 7 days of antibiotics which knocked my symptoms down by 90% (all tests came back negative??). A week later the symptoms came back so was represcribed 21 days of antibiotics. Well the urinary tract infection symptoms diminished by 85% towards the end of the antibiotics but I developed horrible hip and sharp lower back pain (different from the UTI back pain) that made it hard to walk and sit. Went to a rheumatologist who did blood work that didn't point to anything obvious and put me on celebrex and did x-rays which showed mild OA in hips and sacroiliac joint. But I have very little stiffness in my knees and no other stiffness in my back or hips. Then as hip pain and back pain diminished slightly over the next couple weeks, I developed heel and buttocks pain where the joints meet the floor/chair. This too has diminished only slightly. So 2 months ago I could have popped on roller blades and sprinted down the lakeshore path and now I couldn't jog across the street to save my life and am in daily pain. My doctor has suggested it could be a pinched nerve but on the other hand says it's unusual for a fit 40 year old to have hip OA. I just learned my father had slight AS in the lower back, but I was never aware of it (he passed away at 82yrsold). I am going to physical therapy but again have only been having small improvements...with a big set back since I got back into town yesterday after a business trip...ugh! I'd really appreciate if anyone has any ideas of what I have or definitely don't have such as AS, fibromaglia, sacriolitis, pinched nerve, or how to better work with my doctor or should I get a new doctor, what about getting an MRI?? Thank you very much:)

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