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Ok my symptoms/pain have been morphing over the last 2 months and the doctors don't have an answer yet but can someone out there answer a couple general questions?: I am (was) an active normal weight 40yrold with a desk job and 2 months ago at the onset of generalized body aches from the shoulders down to thighs, that I couldn't stop with Tylenol/IBuprophen, I had blood work done by a rheumy which all came back normal including a sed rate at symptoms/pain have since then morphed and gotten it possible to have RA when blood work was comletely clean 2 months ago and xrays only showed mild hip & SI OA with no inflamatory components? Since then I've had sharp back pain around S1, hip pain, buttocks/sit bone pain, slight heal pain, shoulders-neck-upperback ache/burn when sleeping in one position for more than a few minutes. Left eye has been slightly blurry but doesn't hurt of itch. And although my hands and knees are slightly stiff, they don't hurt at all and seem normal for my age...feet don't hurt and are not stiff. All joint/muscle pain symptoms began a few weeks after a urinary tract infection...does that mean anything? Or does anyone else have this or know what it could be or what I could rule out? getting admitedly anxious and scared:( ...RA? ...reactive arthritis? ...reiter syndrom? ...fibromyalagia?

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