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I've had bone/muscle pain for over 2 years along with fatigue and morning stiffness. I was tested for RA and lyme and everything else a few years back and everything was normal except my C reactive protein was 7.8 (normal 1.0-3.0) but the doc said it wasn't a big issue. I got tot he point where I just put up with the problems because I felt like a hypochondriac because all the blood work said I was fine.

Fast forward to 2008 with my new family doctor and I explained to her........fatigue, morning stiffness for about 1/2 hour in all joints/muscles........ muscle pain in shoulders, hips, neck, upper and lower back.........joint pain in shoulders, elbows, hands, neck, hips and knees............weakness in arms, legs and back. I just received a call and the nurse said my doctor would like to see my regarding the blood work because the Vitamin D panel came back low and it shows I have arthritis. I asked if she meant rheum. arthritis but she didn't know, she was just passing along the message. I know I have osteo arthritis in my knees that was previously diagnosed by x-ray and physical exam and possibly in my neck as I get alot of crunching there too. Now I can't see her until possibly Friday and the nurse didn't have specifics. It's very disconcerting to be put on hold like this so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light.

Lab work they did was: lipid profile, lyme titers, lyme west. blot, cbc w/ diff, tsh, ana, rheum factor, eryth. sed rate, complete metabollic panel, total creatinine kinase, vitamin d panel, tissue transglutaminase Iga, endomysial ab IgA.

Could they diagnose osteoarthritis from my labwork or could she have been talking about rheumatoid arthritis? I did some searching and I see that low vitamin D is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. As you can see it's tough being patient especially when someone may finally have some anwers for me after all this time.

Thanks to all.

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