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I'm in the same position - I was diagnosed at 18 - hospitalised and on Prednisone for short term. It took all the pain and inflammation away. It didn't come back until 20 years later - now and I'm 38. They don't want to give me Prednisone again but want me to go on DMRAD, methatrexate. or Plaquenil or Sulfasalazine.....I'm not sure what to do! I too want to have a baby - all the drugs have bad side effects or risks. It's trying to choose the best out of the worst! Which drug are you contemplating??
Thanks for your reply! I agree that you do have to be your own doctor for sure. Unfortunately in my case my spinal cord is affected so I had great difficulty walking. I was not on anything for about 6 months as it took so long to get in to see a specialist. Now - with the NSAID, I feel pretty good but I still have extreme faitigue and really need to pace myself if I want to do social activities. It hasn't stopped the disease process however. So, long story short, ya would be great if I could be pregnant now - but it's just not possible. I was told it would be fine as long as I was off Methatrexate for 3 months. My other 2 options are not that great though - as one is Palquenil and the othe sulfasalzaline. Both with their own set of problems.

I'm really scared too - but I'm also really scared that if I don't start something now - it will be too late and I'll have irreversable damage. SO ya it is tough isn't it?!!

I feel for you - as I know how it is to be in pain. I'm thinking I will choose to try methatrexate as it's really the best and acts quickly. Been in use for many years and quite safe. Have your Dr's discussed DMRADs with you?

All the best to you. It's great to have some insite from soneone else going through the same thing!!!!
Hi Ronnie thanks so much! Wow sounds like some terrible experiences on the DMRADS. I guess I wonder why I should start taking this stuff so early on - now- and not try and improve with the NSAIDs and exercise and diet?? They say early intervention is key. I guess I'm a skeptic? I'm fearful of allowing this to spread or get worse or cause actual damage. But, having said that- I stated Sulfasalazine. Three days now - I ws told this will not interfere with fertility. However blood tests every 2 weeks! For first three months. I'm wondering if it's worth it as I can function with the NSAIDS but my rheumy said they are worse for you than Sulfasalazine over long term? It's all very confusing! I just don't know I'm 38.

I too have PA in my neck, spine, hands, feet (one was very bad) and knees a bit. I feel for you. I had it severely to te point of complete paralysis. But then I recovered 100%. It's very odd.

I agree with Kelosk below that it is really good to be stress free and happy go lucky as that seems to keep things at a minimum. The inflammation.

My stomach is upset and my head feels heavy after 3 days on sulfa, does this go away? Do I have to give it a couple weeks to get used to?

Thanks for any suggestions, experiences. Methatrexate is defnitely not going to be an option for me.

Plse feel free to ask me anything also.

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