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Hi everyone! I will try to be short in sharing my RA story.
I had childhood RA and was taking medication at that time. Until I was 30 when one Dr told me that he believes I don't have RA anymore and I was taking some meds from Fibromyologa for years.
I had 2 major spinal fusions done during last 2 years, disabled since; surgery failed. I leave in Chronic pain 24/7.
In July of this year was diagnosed with MS; couple of weeks ago was diagnosed with severe case of RA.
After going to 3 Rheumotologist and having app for 3 minutes with dx like: What do you want, you have MS, you had 2 major spinal surgery and you want to leave without pain? Nobody even listened what I had to say.
Until I found this wonderful Dr at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC who looked at my hands, heard my history and told me that this is first time in her practice she sees such severe case of RA and that I have to start my treatment ASAP.
Not only that i leave in such severe pain all over my body with every possible joint affected by swolleness, no cartlidge in my both knees (right knee had 2 surgeries already, the first one at age 25); in both of my elbows I had turned muscles and ligaments and severe tears in them. Shoulders got same problems. I got internal inlarged nodules in my lungs and on a neck due RA. This all due to severe inflammation all overy my body and nobody picked this up before.
I am under Pain Mgmt Dr care at same Hospital. He is the one who kept telling me that something more is going on with me and suggested to be checked for MS. And now this horrible case of RA.
I am very disapointed to say the least with all "good" reputable DRs who I saw before and I waisted so much time without treatments.

Anyway, she put me on Met. (chemo therapy meds as you all know that is why we may loose our hair). First week I take 3 pills - 7,5mg with one mg Folic Acid from sores in a mouth and anemia. And it goes up every week...
Prednisone - 3 pills a day, 5mg each and goes up every 4 days till I am done for 10 days and than one pill a day. Don't know for how long yet.

I had TB when I was a teen. She would like me to go on A. shot, but the problem is person who had TB at any age has antibodies for the rest of your life. This shot can provoke TB and it can become active!!!!
But based on my situation she still wants to try believing that if I wasn't sick for all this years - means I will be OK.

My question for you - please help!
Can someone advice if they beein in my sitation with this shot thing and being treated even for TB. I am 53 years old now and wasn't sick with it since, but I am afraid what if...??

Thank you in advance,
all the best to all of you!

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