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Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I'm not sure what to do! I'm afraid of the eye thing (although it's rare) and with Sulfasalazine I'm weary of the allergic reaction which I think I have....but my last reaction was 20 years ago.

My other option is methatrexate. Are there more? This is all my Dr povided me with. IT's so hard to decide what to do! I am currently taking an NSAID 300mg a day (flurbiprofen). I'm afraid of losing any hair, my rheumy says the 5mg of Folic acid (on 6 days off meth day) would help wth that. But all that freaks me out!

I guess I just have to be brave and try one? I really don;t want to give up drinking (I'm not a heavy drinker but I enjoy having a few glasses of wine with friends) and not just 2 a week!!!! I have a friend in the UK and over there they say you can have 14 units a week!!! It's all so confusing as there's so much conflcting info. I wish it could all just be put out there in front of you.

Thanks for your info on Plaquenil!

All the best.
Thank you so much.

Did you have any side effects form the Prednisone? My rheum does not want to give me Prednisone although I have asked. First off - she wants me on Methatrexate. I said no. So she offered me two other choices, Plaquenil and sulfasalazine. So it is a litrle frsutrating. I know rednisone works wonderfullly in theshort term. I'm not looking for long term, so maybe I can suggest the combo of Plaquenil and Pred until the Plaquenil sets in?

I have only been taking flurbiprofen. It takes away the edge. I still have some stiffness and slight pain if I over-exert myself. So, I guess you could say I'm stressing over what is the best coarse of medciation for my Spondylosis and PA.

Thanks for posting your reply. It is helpful.

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