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Is this similar?
Nov 12, 2008
i seen my doc about my aches and pains, the good news is she has ordered blood tests for RA, thyroid and other things. but itll be 3 weeks before i have results. ive been trying to keep a record of my symptoms since then and was wondering if it sounds like arhritis?

every morning i wake up stiff, i use the bar at the end of my bed to try and pull and losen everything. the bottom of m back aches and feels like its all trapped or wonky, when i pull on the bar the bottom of my back makes these god awful loud crunching and cracking sounds. my muscles feel sore and im beyond tired. i try to stretch in the morning as im aching especially my back. i also have crunching at the base of my neck, it is quite bad and some days ive found i cant turn my head to one side as its too stiff, not necessarily painful, but it aches and my shoulders and all of my back aches, when i roll my head or circle my shoulders a loud crunching sound is heard and i can actually feel the bones moving, it feels like they are rubbing and knocking together.

i am used to being a bit stiff, twice this week ive woken to find my ankle in pain, usually in the mornings its not painful but stiff, it feels like the bone/tendon at the back of one doesnt strecth as much and walking up stairs i feel slightly off. if i circle them they crack loudly and crunch, in the mornings while walking my ankes creak too. this week i woke up and i had a sharp stiff pain, i couldnt move it untilid massaged it and losened it a lot.

my legs ache a lot, especially my calves, i get sharp shooting pains in my knee joints, feet and fingers. my hands cramp and my muscles ache. all of this gets worse in the cold weather. it can knock me over with fatague and i get depressed because it feels my entire body is in pain.

there is no swelling other than on finger joint which is hard in the middle, its been this way for years, it turns black/blue in the cold and becomes painful, i cant press it or hit it off anything without it being sore.

i hope my results come back ok, i want to find out what the problem is as its been going on a long time, but i also am worried about the findings. i was wondering if any of you experience anything like this or if it sounds like RA.i know i will not know for sure until the results, but even just a little info or comfort its not just me would be helpful.i am quite down about it as im only 20.

please help thanks.

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