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[QUOTE=donna70;3889687]Hi Monkey 5,
I don't have positive rheumatoid factor but my sed rate was 76 when diagnosed and now my C reactive protein is always above normal when I have pain and swelling. I started out with a polyarthritis diagnosis but now I am considered to have rheumatoid. Sometimes when you first get sick they think you might have a virus. What meds do they have you on? and have they given a name to what kind of arthritis they think you have? A certain per cent of people with RA do not have positive tests but the drs give a positive dx because of all the swelling, fluid and lack of mobility. I am in remission right now first time since 1990, hope it lasts. Good luck to you.
Donna, that is awesome to hear! i have only been told that i have only very, very mild arthritis showing. I am only on pain management meds and a hvae been on a few. They just today switched me to methadon, wich i didnt like that idea but they are trying to get me some relief. I do know tommorw i will be going to get an exray of my thoratic are and of my spine and ribs to see if they can see anything! I do know my very first appt. with my pm dr. he did state theat some can have no arthritis showing and be in severe pain and other might be full of it and and not be in pain. I am also on Lyrica as well, but thats more for nerve pain. I do knopw i have mild bone thinning and Osteoarthritis at the least in the hand area.

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