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How soon should I begin noticing less pain? What side effects are most common? What about drug interactions? I was told to stop taking my Relafin, which I did.

I just took my first dose last night. Is bedtime a good time to take it?

I am also taking 1 mg. folic acid per day. My new doctor...a rheumatologist finally told me why I need this and he told me I will need bloodwork every 2 months to insure my liver and kidney chemistry's are ok.

Other drugs I take are Losartan, hydrochlorothiazide and metoprolol for high blood pressure and 2000 mg Vit D, omeprazine for GERD, simvastatin for cholesterol and hydrocodone's for pain.

The pain is severe especially in the last few months. I must be in in one heck of a flare cause it was so bad it drove me to a doctor who...ran all the blood tests I'd had before.. but the RH always came back negative. This time C reactive protein, sed rate and RH factor were very high. I've been suffering a lot..

Now the Prednisone DOES give me fairly good relief. I have to admit that though I hate the drug. I just would like to know if the methotrexate will be as effective but won't change me. I don't want to become allergic to everything. I'm already allergic enough. I don't want to lose my hair. Its the last best thing I got... lol!

So tell me your experiences please...with methotrexate or other drugs or therapies that can help me deal with this.

btw...last summer I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica...but that was because my RH factor was a high normal and the other tests were above normal range. I began with a new doctor a few months ago, who sent me to a rheumatologist and new tests and now the diagnosis is RA.

I already have degenerative disc disease, stenosis, some bulging discs, ect.. Can the methotrexate help those problems too? Any inflammatory problems??
More questions...and some input...

Both of my lower legs...calves have turned bright red since being on the methotrex. Looks like sunburn.. warm to touch. Anyone else have this happen?

I'm going to see someone about this tomorrow. stated by someone else in this thread... I am in excruciating pain since taking this first dose. Shoulders, neck, knees...everywhere.

Had the pain in all those places...toes, ankles, ect. ect... but this is now all at once, whereas usually is kind of cycles around.

My Internist told me that happens sometimes when you first start methotrexate.

No... I haven't had any full body anything. I've had MRI's for lumbar and cervical spondylosis, stenosis, have some bulging discs at both locations, pinched nerves and for the last oh... 14 -15 years had osteoarthritis in all the locations I have arthritis now... except its gotten much worse in the last 2-3 years.

Last years.. c reactive protein and sed rate were very high. Over the years...sed rates have always been high when I am in a crisis or flare as they call them. (I'm having to get used to the lingo) They've always run rheumatoid factor too..but those were negative until this year.

For the last year... I've been in almost constant grinding, daily pain which though I fear Doctors, in denial not wanting to know for sure and not really trusting that a Doctor would ever actually help me... the pain and inability to walk drove me to get a good Doctor, who I was referred to as being one of the good guys. He did another whole blood series on me and all three RA markers were through the roof this time. So...he sent me to a rheumatologist and here I am.

I am battling extreme pain right now and mobility. I am having grave trouble getting up and walking. Though my fingers, hands are agonizing at time...right now...its both knees and my right shoulder driving me nuts.

On Monday I call my rheumatologist. I'm going to ask if maybe it would be helpful to have MRI's on my knees and shoulders.

What pain killers besides hydrocodones are compatible with methotrexate? My husband is buying more Tylenol. All I have is ibuprofen which I cannot take with the meth... I need more than the hydrocodones of which I am taking a 5/500.. 1 1/2.

I want to be mobile. I have things I want to do in the house and with my grandchildren. But, even taking the meds... if I move around too much, the pain comes back hard later. Also I get very, very tired. Never experienced such fatigue ever!

I just need advice on how to control the pain, but stay active too. Does acupuncture work? What about pain patches?

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