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Hi all x will make this brief was wondering if anyone could maybe help me please? For years l have been having joint pains and muscle spasms etc. These have got worse and more frequent to the stage where l am having nightmares where l am dreaming someone is doing something to me and lm waking up in severe pain. Ive been awake since 4.30 this morning with shoulder pain lower back pain sacrilum joints and pain in my lower back left ribs and sternum.... after going to my doc l eventually seen a rheumy who did bloods which came back fine (over a year ago) and basically didnt want to look any further and was more interested in my relationship with my oh and said chronic pain syndrome. The pain has gotten worse and now my fingers are swollen too example last night l could out my ring on no trouble this mornig it will not go past quarter of my finger! Its like the bone has swollen? I just started seeing a new rheumy a few month ago who took some bloods and finally l got xrays done 6 weeks ago. I have not heard back from her. I rang up and was told there is an 8 week turn around for getting results!!!:eek:I was thinking cos l havnt heard anything anything must be fine? until l heard this. I also had a dexa scan which showed l have early signs of wear and tear to both shoulders. I am demented with pain l cannot do the simplest of tasks without suffering. I cannot move when l am woken through the night with lower back pain. The rheumy said if all comes back fine with bloods and xrays then how would l feel about been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? I told her fine as long as l know what is wrong with me. Would l be wrong in thinking swelling doesnt go with fibromyalgia? sorry this post is getting long lol. Can l also add main places or severe pain are lower back, chest ribs sternum, collar bone mid back these are the most painful.I also had a real bad episode last week where l had severe pain in my mid back spine which ended up giving me pain up both sides of the back of my neck into my head and left the side of my left neck numb and weird for quite a while. i am reluctant to see the doc until l have some results back as you know how they are about on going aches and pains. Thank you to anyone who has read this message. Sorry it got long :( Thank you all xxx
Thank you so much for your reply x For years everythign l complained about was ignored due to the fact l was been treated for graves disease and was resistant to the drugs despite large doses! They kept telling me once my thyroid labs were fine l would be 'cured' AS IF! Had the thyroid removed and l have got gradually worse till lm in the state lm in now! Last year l practically begged to see a rheumy so off l goes to this junk rheumy who was more interested in my relationSHIPS? Funny l had never mentioned my relationships which are fine tio any doc ever!!! He had a look at me and did some bloods and that was it.... l continued going to my doc with bad symptoms, l told them l needed to see someone else and that l got nothign from that first rheumy. So a few months ago l seen a different rheumy who organised a dexa scan. This showed early wear and tear of both shoulder joints. I went back 7 weeks ago more bloods were taking and xrays ordered the ones lm still waiting to hear about :(. I do have pain killers but l am allergic or sensitive to lots of medications. I use paracetemol, codeine phosphate when the pain is really bad. And l have a few diazepan which l am hanging onto which l was giving after a visit to ER for severe spasms. My own gp told me he didnt want me on them so lm keeping ahold of what l have incase lm ever in that state again. I have tried the espom sal bath too. I have heat pads and microwave heat things. I have never had any other tests other than the ones l have mentioned and it took along time to even get those years! Behappy what have you been diagnosed with? Im sorry if this posts jumbled lm not well today woke up at 2.16 a.m with horrendous sternum pain and period pain cramp to top it off :( feel very weak and light headed today ( had a laprascopy done in sept for a right ovarian cyst was hoping that would of explained some symptoms but it hasnt :( alls thats cured is stopping me wee all the time!)Will leave it here as l am waffling sorry thank you for replying l really appreciate it xxx

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