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I'll try to remember to post the results of my nuclear bone scan test. Here's my situation. I started experiencing very mild "arthritis-like" aching in my hands in my teens when living in a humid climate. At 17, I moved to a much drier environment and these pains went away. Until my early 30's, with the exception of back pain I was extremely healthy and fit. I then developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and with it, chronic myofascial pain. From approximately age 40 until just few months ago, I'd occasionally experience short periods (not exceeding 3 months) of bilateral pain (eg. both knees, hands, or thumbs, etc.) but never more than one joint at a time, and with little, or no, reduction in function.

I'm now in my mid-50's. This past summer, I started noticing changes in how my feet felt, but I always seemed able to attribute it to something. Then, in September while away on vacation (in a humid climate), I started having problems with stiff and painful knees, in addition to my feet. A few weeks after returning home to unseasonably cold weather, I was suddenly hit with bilateral stiffness and extreme pain in almost every joint: hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees, hips, plus worsening back pain -- so bad I could barely straighten up from a sitting position, walk, or use my hands.

All my blood tests were normal, except the HLA-B27 genetic marker which increases a person's risk of a group of diseases called Spondyloarthritis. My father had Ankylosing Spondylitis. All my x-rays came back normal, but based on symptoms, family history (my mother and sister also have arthritis) and the positive HLA-B27 marker, my GP diagnosed me with seronegative arthritis. Apparently, it's not uncommon to have a negative RA test, and still have arthritis. In some cases, this means the illness is early-stage and the RA test later becomes positive. In some cases (I've read 20 percent), it never does -- hence the "seronegative" designation. But, you probably already know this.

I had the pharmacist fill my 200 mg Celebrex prescription with 100 mg capsules, and I'm taking as little as possible to keep functional. I'm already noticing worrisome GI tract changes. And, as your kidney function tests demonstrate, this is also a concern.

I really feel for you, Hoppy. Having acquired CFS more than 20 years ago when very little was known about the condition (at least compared with now), it was frustrating to feel so ill and have all the routine medical tests come back negative. Is it possible for you to obtain a second opinion? Doctors really differ in their willingness to get to the bottom of a patient's problems. A couple of years ago when my hands were bothering me, my physician merely sent me for a couple of xrays and when they appeared normal, didn't even bother to call with the results. She has since been replaced with a new physician (same clinic) who has shown exceptional interest in me at every appointment so far, doesn't rush the appointment, and tells me what her next course of action will be if the test results are not was she expects based on my symptoms. I wish for you to find someone similar to help you.

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