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Re: RA - no fun...
Feb 5, 2010
I am very sorry you are going through this. I have couple of question for you I hope you don't mind.
First of all this is not uncommon for people with chronic pain to be depressed. Only people who live with CP 24/7 can understand what I am talking about. Why don't your Doctor puts you on something to help your depression? Did you discuss it with him/her? I know how depression it self may hurt and add to your misery. I don't have depression despite all major health issues I go through, but I know how good I feel since
my Doctor put me on Lexapro, it anti-anxiety medication. I had spinal fusion surgery and developed a lot of complications and severe pain, it enough to develop anxiety. My life improved so much since.
Second of all, there are so many different medication for RA nowadays. I was Diagnosed with RA almost the same time I was Diagnosed with MS and Lupus. How about this for anxiety? LOL
My RA Dr put me on Meth+ Prednisone. I did not feel any better but instead lost a lot of weight due to nausea and not be able to eat at all since Meth is chemo therapy and has same side effects like chemo for cancer. My Dr switched me to Enbrel shots, i had to do them myself. I tried them for 8 month, but did not get any relieve from RA symptoms. Right after my RA put me on monthly Orencia IV infusion. I believe it took me about 4-5 month until i started to notice the diffirence. I was very patient and it was worth it. So now it Orencia until it works and low doses of Prednisone. So far i do see the difference. I have to say that after each treatment i am pretty sick for about 3-5 days with severe weakness and pain in my joints. I was told it may happens and it's OK. I just take it easy for a week after and than everything goes to normal.
My wonderful, unbelievable RA Doctor told me that if Orencia stops working not to get discouraged because they have so many others on a market nowadays that no need to loose hope. If you are not satisfied with your Dr you always can go and see someone else for a second opinion. I learned in a hard way how to fight.
Would you believe that before I met my resent RA Dr I saw 3 other RA Doctors who told me I have just regular OA and I don't have any RA. Not to mention other serious auto-immune conditions. When i came to this Dr and had 2 hour first appointment, she had tears in her eyes listening to what i went through and how much i suffered without being diagnoses and having any help. This caused me such problems because i was diagnose so late, i need reconstractive surgeries now of my elbows and shoulders. RA caused tears in my muscles, ligaments ruptures and torn tendons - all damages from RA. This tells you how important to be in a good hands.
I know you always will have pain due to this auto immune condition. Anti depressants will help you how to deal with it and other symptoms. And i also believe that being depressed puts a lots of strain on your family and relationships with your hubby. This is not fair for them to listen all the time of your complains or even if you don't complain to see you much in pain brakes hearts of your loved ones, you know?
So talk to your good doctors and get yourself help, sweetie.
Best of luck to you.... I am here for you if you need to talk!

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