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Wow! Please be sure to post your results when you manage to get hold of them! (I know that can be difficult in Canada. I have been there, done that!)

Your B12 needs to be brought up. I also have low[I]er[/I] B12 but my level is a whopping 320 and I know it is causing issues. You do not need to wait for injections. You can take sublingual B12. I take Jarrows Sublingual 5mg (not a is 83,000% of the RDA!). It helped to raise my level to just over 500 and I stopped but am starting again as the level fell again.

There are many types of arthritis that are inflammatory but are sero negative. Do you know which tests you had done? ANA? CRP? ESR (Sed Rate)? Do you know what the xrays and/or bone scan showed?

[U]Vitamin D deficiency[/U] can also cause a lot of bone pain. I currently take 10,000IU sublingual D3 which is available without prescription.

I am not sure about the high hemoglobin levels but the high platelet level (how high?) may SOMETIMES have something to do with inflammation as in rheumatoid arthritis or SOMETIMES iron deficiency.

[QUOTE]High white cell count in urine[/QUOTE] Leukocytosis (a white count increased to over 10,000/uL) is seen in bacterial infections, inflammation, leukemia, trauma, and stress.

What about thyroid testing? TSH, FT4, FT3, TPO and Tg antibodies. Thyroid problems can mimic alot of the problems you are experiencing. Thyroid issues are also closely connected to low Vitamin D, low Vitamin B12 and low ferritin.

You say you cannot take aspirin. Neither can I. What about NSAIDS. There are non prescription (Ibuprofen) and prescription (Celebrex, Etodolac, Diclofenac Sodium etc.) that could possibly help to alleviate symptoms. They are also anti inflammatories which will help your knee.

I guess we have to wait until you get some results. Try to get written results for your xrays, MRI and bone scan. It is possible even though they may make you pay a nominal amount and, believe me, in the long run it will be worth the effort! I learned the hard way and now get copies of every result!! I DO KNOW FOR A FACT that you CAN get copies of your results in not let anyone tell you otherwise.

I am not sure what part of Canada you live in but I used to live there and now live in the US. Doctors here can be just as insensitive and they can have preconceived ideas before you even open your mouth. I had a bone scan (ordered by a GP who I know listens to me and is frustrated because she cannot supply answers) and the result came back saying, "Mild degenerative changes are identified within the cervical spine. Mild to moderate degenerative changes are identified within the lower lumbar spine. Mild to moderate osteoarthritis, ARTHRITIS or prior trauma is identified within the BILATERAL SHOULDERS, BILATERAL ELBOWS, BILATERAL WRISTS, BILATERAL HIPS, BILATERAL KNEES, BILATERAL ANKLES, LEFT FIRST MTP JOINT AND LEFT SECOND MTP JOINT". My GP sent me to a Rheumatologist who looked at me, told me I look too good to be sick and I do NOT have arthritis but simply tendinitis in my hip!!! I was just beside myself. I am STILL searching for an answer. The reason I write this is to show you that you are NOT alone and it is not the country that is the issue.....I hope we BOTH get answers soon!:angel:

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