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I have DISH and live in Australia
Yes male hear 65 also from Australia I have had DISH for over ten years and Ankylosing Spondylitis and sorry the pain does not get any better and the stifness stays with you. Do you take any pain meds ?? I am on tremal slow release 150m a day celabrex 200m a day and a tnf blocker HUMIRA been on that for about two years. If I take it easy from day to day I am not to bad but if I try to do to much my body soon tells my to stop.:wave:
[QUOTE=koala55;4155787]I have DISH and live in Australia[/QUOTE]

HI KOALA What part of QLD are you I am on the faf south coast NSW
I live in pomona in the sunshine coast hinterland near Noosa , I have had dish for along time ,I have had an infusion of Zormeta to try and stop the gean from making more calcum it cost $450 for one it didn't do a thing I now have a lego block of calcum in my neck pushing on my voice box and interfers with my swallowing . I also can not turn my neck to the right to well and have a numbness in the right side of my face and pins and needles in my hands and fingers I am now seeing in Feb a nero to do a full work up to make sure it is only the dish causing this. I can't take pain meds as I am algeic to all those type of drugs so I get by on penadol but not to well I also find ice packs help up some days there is nothing that will stop this feeling of being locked up and if I move I feel I will break my neck . I did break my calcum build up and had months of hell were my body acted like I had broken my neck . Thank you for getting back to me it is nice to know that there are others out there with the same thing. Please for give my spelling not one of my good points. thanks again Koala
thamks for your reply it is not a nice desieswe just have to cope the best we can you seem to have progrest way ahead of me I am not looking four wood to that stage I hope things go ok for you let us know how you get on .
Hi guys I'm 58, in Cairns Qld - < edited > It doesn't seem like there's much we can do, apart from exercise, but it's good to at least know of others and see how they are faring.
Yes I have DISH Syndrome. It is very painful. I am getting bone spurs on my fingers and one on my foot as well as the bone spurs I have in my thoracic spine.

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