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This is a follow up posting on my previous from 2 weeks ago. I hope someone can help. I started taking the mobic and started feeling burning sensations mostly in my legs (not necessarily on the joints). I stopeed it for 3 days now and still having these sensations. I looked up side effects on this med and I do not see any regarding burning? Lab works from 6-8 weeks ago were all negative. Can someone please advise? I fell joint pains/rug burn type on my knees, not my hip? very confused

Thank you all

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can shed some light, see if what I post makes sense and if I'm covering all angles. I have always been an athletic person, played soccer for may years. I torn medial/lateral menisci left knee 4 years ago. I am currently 40 years old.I had arthroscopy done well tolerated with 3-4 months rehab and everything was fine thereafter. I stopped playing soccer, however I did continue running/jogging etc. 5 months ago I started having pain on my right hip. I had an x ray done which showed mild/moderate arthritis. I had a MRI done as well and it showed arthritis, labral tear and paralabral cyst. I went to see the same ortho dc who performed my knee arthroscopy and he sent me for rehab for about 2 months. I finished the rehab and I would say the discomfort has not gone down. I actually started feeling pain in my knees and noticed recently that my wrists make crackling noise. I went ahead and saw a reumatologist, drew blood for ESR, ANA and RF and all came back negative. The rheumatologist suggested I take Mobic for one month along with glucosamine/MSM and see him in 4-6 weeks. I also set up an appt with a hip ortho specialist since the other doc doesn't handle hip problems. I am not sure if the other joint pains are due to the change in weather/steming from my hip arthritis (osteoarthritis in other joints?)or I am developing rheumatoid arthritis? Can someone make sense out of all of this? Your feedback is appeciated!!! Thank you all

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