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Neck Arthritis
Aug 4, 2011
Would any of you that suffer from arthritis of the neck (in any form) be willing to share your experiences and symptoms? I have had a major increase in neck/base of skull pain for the past few months and the physical therapy I'd been having hasn't really helped me get past it. I'm wondering if there are other possibilities causing these feelings. I got tested for RA (via blood test) and it came out negative. I have a quite a lot of grinding/clicking in my neck, even when not moving or laying down very still. My doctor suspected a bulged disc and just general inflammation of the joints in my neck. I'm only 24 and a pretty active person, but I'm having a hard time being as active with these feelings. I lay down a lot, but I make sure to do some low impact exercise. Moving my head and stretching my neck tends to help and if I'm in an overly air conditioned, cold room (i.e. at work), or sitting still (i.e. at a computer at work) it hurts the most.

My worst symptom is the headache at the base of the skull. It is there almost all the time and is more of a deep ache that makes me feel sick. If I get a muscle pull in my neck, it's definitely more of a sharp pain that prevents movement, and while it hurts, it doesn't make me feel sick and exhausted.

I also do get migraines. I feel that I've done a pretty good job identifying my triggers and keep them well under control, but when my neck/base of skull pains get worse and I am unable to lay down to get the weight off, it can turn into a migraine or something that feels like it.

Thank you in advance for any help!
Re: Neck Arthritis
Aug 19, 2011
After hearing so many people that had great results from a good chiropractor, I'd certainly be willing to look into one, but would also get some x-rays done before starting. My PT didn't suspect a pinched nerve since he said the main symptom would be numbness or pain in my arms, which I do not have at all. He did suspect that my trigenimal and vagus nerves were just irritated in general from a disc bulge.

I definitely get both of those kinds of pain. During most of the day, I feel stiff and achey, and it feels better with movement, worse when sitting still for a long period of time. If it gets worse, it triggers a migraine (I get them from different food triggers, hormone issues, lack of sleep, stress, etc.) or even just a bad headache where it has more of the shooting feeling into the upper part of my head. It could be a combination of different things, so I'm sure it will take some time to identify what's going on for sure!

Thanks again for all of your help :) It's greatly appreciated!

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