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[QUOTE=jennybyc;4880705]The only time you should be immobilizing your fingers is if you have a broken bone. Immobilizing actually makes things much you have found out.

When you hit a digit or pinch it, you are actually hurting the tendons that move your fingers. Immobilizing them makes then not work so they get weak and then you are even more likely to injure them.

Don't worry about the pain and play your guitar and work those fingers to get the tendons strong again. Squeezing a soft ball or even a towel will help to strengthen them again. but the weaker those tendons get, the worse your finger will be.

The only time you may want to not move them is if the joints swell up and get hot and red....that needs a doc to look at them and figure out what is wrong inside the joint.

The ironic thing with osteoarthritis(wear and tear arthritis of aging) is that stopping moving the joints that hurt is the worst thing you can do for the joint. It's the moving of the joints that keeps the cartilage from falling apart. so keep them moving and no more immobilizing unless it's a swollen, red, hot joint....okay? Or if you feel a big "pop" and a tendon tears and you can feel a lump down by your wrist....the torn part of the tendon pulls back.

Pain in the handd, as long as it's not really, really bad(like maybe you did tear or break something) is something we all have to work through.[/QUOTE]

:wave:Thanks for the insightful comment

I wish I knew what I knew now but my mom wouldn't take me to see a doctor. They warned me to keep it moving but I thought moving it would make it worse. Cause I was playing with my thumb too much and that's what caused the pain in the first place. The body sure is confusing.

ANyways I do move my fingers and still can play guitar but not like I used to. In the morning my fingers are the stiffest and at random times of the day my finger joints can hurt or feel out of place or uncomfortable for no reasons. It's nothing severe but still nothing I ever wanted being a guitar player and all.

I'm going to take supplements like Osteo Bi Flex and see if it makes it better.

Are cracking your fingers bad by the way?

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