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I have RA and this doesn't sound at all like RA to me.

Yes, the joint pain can hit hard and fast but not that fast and the flesh colored bumps you describe are not RA nodules...they take months and years to form, not days. And the spread of the pain to so many joints so fast is not what Ra spreads with flares of the main symptoms, 2 by 2, each side at the same time. The headaches and eye problems are not what Ra does either.

And the ESR and CRP would definitely be elevated considerably if it were RA....that is a definite.

Many types of infections can set off an inflammatory reaction in the body that causes what you are describing. I had it when I was a teen after strep throat. The bacteria/virus(even a cold virus) can release a toxin into the blood stream. This toxin causes the body to release all sorts of proteins called cytokines and it's those cytokines that make the joints hurt so badly. But it generally resolves itself after a period of time...can last up to a year. But drugs like Naproxen and prednisone can be of great help.

I suspect you doc is thinking this is that post-infection type of reaction. We've had several people here with this same exact thing. And it did go away for them. Some never even knew they were sick, the virus was so mild.

The speed with which this happened along with the negative blood work says it is not RA very loudly. Ra sneaks up on your slowly and those 2 particular blood tests are always positive...100% of the time.

I'd say that good news.



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