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I am 28yrs old and about 4 years ago I started having weird intermitten symptoms. It started out with horrible fatigue, hip pain, hand and feet pain. I have had a high WBC count x's 4 years ranging from 12.2- 16.4, the last two pathology reports show reactive cells, mainly Neutrophil, no bands, platelets are good, the last cbc showed Lymphocyte, but the pathology came back not seeing any. I have a high CRP and sed rate but ANA and RA factor come back negative even during an episode. I get episodes of feet and hand swelling, exterme fatigue, hip, shoulder, butt, back and arm pain, I become extreme weak and small items are hard to carry, while writing my hand cramps up and it becomes painful to write a couple words on a piece of paper. There are times that areas of my body hurt just to be touched.
My PCP wants me to see a rheumatologist again, I am a bit worried that he will write me off like the last one did. I would like to know what is going on with my body and start working on ways to help me live with it.
Hi, I am in a similar position, abnormal lab tests but still no definite diagnosis. Like you a high sed and crp rate, but ANA and RA neg. My rheumatologist is still looking for something more šefinite to show up in tests before he will put a name on it.

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