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I thank you in advance for reading my story, and for replying if you have experienced ANYTHING similar...

I am a 25 yo white female. The only history I knew I had when symptoms started was Psoriasis of the nails that started at age 17 and little patches on the elbows and knees. I realized the nails were getting worse around age 22 in 2008. And I also noticed I had a little harder time concentrating on my school work my last semester 2008, I could sit there and reread a page five times before it sank in. My left knee would irritate me at times (randomly) and occasionally It would ache just a tad (I would limp every now and then), but nothing that had me worried. I had my first child December 2009 and it was an easy pregnancy. A few months after while out in the heat my fingers became swollen and I assumed it was just hormones because of the pregnancy. It went away. But over the next two years I noticed joint changed in my finger joints and toes along with worsening nails. Everyone said I was imagining it and they are fine. ( I am a nurse, they clearly look crooked to me). Once in 2010 I had trouble typing my notes on the computer due to stiffness, but that to, went away. May 2011 I had a miscarriage-seven or eight weeks by and it was a blighted ovum. October 2011 I went to work at the hospital, came back from lunch and immediately went into a diarrhea/vomiting fit, severe flushing and my vision went black and I was able to tell the near nurse that I couldn't hear her anymore. To the ER and They gave me a fluid bolus and assumed it was food poisoning. Two weeks later I wake up, walk outside and just pick up a toad. Went back in the house and instantly feel like I have to go to the bathroom. No nausea, just urgency. Bowels clean out, I feel flush and am red in the face, lightheaded, and broke out in hives all over my body lasts hours. Took Benadryl and slept it off. This happened off and on approx every two weeks all the way until December 18th of that year. I awoke and walked upstairs and felt instantly horrible with the same thing. Only this time the hives were so severe they went all the way up to my lips and they were swollen. After my bowels emptied I had to instantly lay on the floor to avoid passing out. I took benadryl and lay there until it all went away. That was the last hives episode. Turns out I was pregnant again and December 18th would be about the date of conception. I was headed to work the 23rd of december and while going on to the express way had severe chest tightness that kept getting tighter until I felt like i couldnt sent me into a panic attack and I AM NOT a panic type of person. Like a crazy person I tried to work the next day, someone took me. I walked in, my face flushed horribly, but I couldn't even concentrate to understand one sentence of report. I walked back to the nurses station of which I felt lightheaded and it continued to get worse, I sat down. Tried going back to work one more time the following week, sat down for lunch, flushing that got worse, felt the urge to use the bathroom, went, then I couldn't even walk down the hall due to lightheadedness and dizziness. The symptoms worsened at home to left sided weakness (and some right-foot), tingling of my face left pinky finger, heaviness of my neck and head. Pressure feelings on spots of my head (no headaches), chest tightness that was random and a knotty feeling under my right shoulder blade over the next few weeks. The right shoulder blade tightness then changed to some achy pain. I miscarried in January 2012 at seven weeks-that morning the baby was fine. Some of the symptoms left-the severe left sided weakness. Did a HIDA scan b/c of the pain that started in the shoulder-had a lap chole following. Was only working 3%. I still get random chest tightness to the point I feel like I have to take deep breaths and a knot under my right shoulder blade. They have occurred after just waking but mainly after activity in the evening/ with heat and I am not stressed at all when they happen. My fingers and toes swell with heat now bad-they look like sausages usually or feel prickly/burning senstation. My PFT tests were all good and I feel ok after walking around the neighborhood. I get lightheaded and dizzy easily, flush (cannot bend over to pick up toys in the floor and have noticed the lightheadedness is MAINLY with bending over )for no reason and have had two episodes of feeling horrible and having to use the bathroom post gall bladder removal. No hives though. I have NO allergies, my rheumatoid tests show nothing, My heart did reveal a possible ASD but the cardiologist said it has nothing to do with the chest tightness I have been having. EKG fine. I get heaviness of the head and neck still/stiffness, severe flushing, tingling left pinky and now get blurred vision with my lightheaded/dizzy spells That worsens as the time goes on. I continue to have random chest tightness that has also even been a sharp stabbing pain under my shoulder blade in my back—all usually after heat exposure or in the evening. My toes are warm and fat if under the covers at night, and I am usually flushed in the morning when I wake up. With ANY activity but mainly out in the heat I feel icky and my toes look like sausages again. I have been off work since december. I have had a abdominal Ct (r/t the loose stools) and a head and neck MRI to r/o stuff. All negative. I'm thinking I am having some pleuritis or something going on...since my lungs are really fine, but she hasn't looked at those either. My MD thinks Migraines...I don't see it.. She won't refer me to a Rheumatologist due to Negative tests, but I want second opinions. I do not feel like I know everything and respect doctors, but I have known my body better than a few months. Oh and I've also became SUPER photosensitive--the need to wear sunglasses when it is cloudy out.

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