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...l In the meantime I have a referral to have a x-ray guided cortisone injection for bursitis in my left hip in the public hospital. But within my hip area alone, I have pain in 5 other points. The one thing I HAVE managed to find is a bulk-billed pain management specialist. Made an appointment to see him (but again several weeks away).

I just feel lost now, is all, bouncing around between medicos and not feeling as though I can really trust anyone. It just seems like everyone I go to seems to think that my pain must be caused by some other condition and to go to X, or so it feels. (Or, alternately, just deal with it.) I can't help but wonder if anyone has any ideas or can help me out with suggestions or sharing their experience. I'm in Sydney, Australia. I'm just feeling that medical intervention is playing out horribly, partly because no money amongst other things has culminated in few options.

- any thoughts as to what is meant by "degenerative disease within the SI joint"? Osteoarthritis?
- would this indication be considered clinically significant in any way, eg to a rheumatologist? Osteoarthritis in my shoulder drew an "huh? oh well" response, altho 29 at time and cause unclear.
- has to be said, I am not really keen on cortisone injections. In looking up SI joint pathology I couldn't see that it would cause symptoms of tronchanteric bursitis though. Some accounts of the latter also indicate the pain it causes can also spread through the hips. Could the mild SI degeneration be a credible source of widespread pain in the region, especially as it is even worse on the left at present, but the x-ray indicated the right SI joint?
- Would anyone personally opt to wait for the pain management specialist's opinion (bearing in mind the time it might take to order more tests etc) before getting the shot with steroids in the hip in the meantime?

My main concern with cortisone shots is to do with weakening of surrounding tendons etc. But my ex boyfriend's mother had 2 for disc degeneration recently, is currently over the moon with pain relief. I am wondering if I would be better off attempting some kind of nerve block to the SI joint? Do they even do that? I'm also wondering if the associated risks are any greater.

Whatever is going on with the hip is intermingling with whatever decisions need to be made about the feet.

Any ideas? Best wishes to all x


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