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I am not sure what is wrong with me, and would be extremely grateful for thoughts/advice. About a month ago, i started getting generally sick - tired, headachy, etc then about 3 weeks ago I got a really bad stiff neck and back, along with intermittent headaches. I assumed I'd slept oddly and ignored it, but the stiffness wouldn't go away. Then I developed a really, really sore throat - the kind that keeps you up at night, but only a very low-grade fever - never above 100. I went to the doctor who did a Lyme test and a strep test. Both were negative, and the doctor said I just had a virus. The sore throat faded to almost nothing and the fever and headaches are gone, but the stiff neck has morphed into full body pain. I feel like every joint in my body is burning, especially first thing in the morning. It is so bad that I cannot get out of bed without help. I have pain in my shoulders, fingers, wrists, knees, toes, hands, etc.. It gets better throughout the day, but does not go away completely... I can't open jars, lift myself with my arms, or do a simple crawl stroke when swimming. Normally i am fit, health and active. Aleve doesnt really help even though I am now taking 4 aleve a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I do not, however, have any noticable swelling or hotness of my joints. I will go back to the doctor next week, but he tends to have a laid back, wait and see attitude and I really can't stand this much longer. I have actually cried from the pain. I would really appreciate any thoughts as to what might be going on with me, what tests to ask the doctor to do, or any suggestions to alleviate the constant pain. Thanks so much.

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