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[QUOTE=Moldova;5057890]Pixie, as a woman, I hear you girl!

Here I am not eating from nausea due to RA drugs, I am suppose to loose weight, but because of steroid, it stays and doesn't want to go away... I just can imagine if I would eat! lol

I was on MTX, Naprosine and Prednisone, I had to go off all of them and was Rx biologics. I am very happy my RA DR doesn't put her patients on Prednisone for a long time. When I get a flair, she may keep me for 10 days max and than wins me down, usually no more than a week or so. She said often use of the steroids may add to already troubled body, osteoporosis, cancers, etc.
I don't know how bad your RA is, if it mild they usually don't go for biologics, it's another box of warms, but if you feel pain and nothing is working, it may be a sign your treatment reached plateau .

Best wishes

Thanks Moldova. Today is such a bad day for me. The pain is unbearable. The nausea is tolerable with the Zofran. As far as how the bad the RA is...I guess that what I feel is BAD..she feels is mild. She gives me something for pain but I have a fear of getting addicted so I don't take it. Then my pain gets so out of control, it takes double doses to calm it down. I lie awake at night and cry from my knees, hips, ankles and hands hurting so bad. Now my back has become involved. I feel so helpless. Please tell me there is a light at the end of this somewhere.
Dear Pixie,
first of all, are you sure this your RA hurts you this much? Honestly I have RA since I am 12, my RA very advanced with a lot of damages, lungs and heart included. I have ruptured muscles. ligaments, torn tendons, not to mention every joint, cartridge is damaged, Fibro pain, but... I dont have the pain you are talking about. I am in pain, dont take me wrong, but with all the swolliness on every soft tissue+ joints (big time inflammation with no remission) I would never needed opiates for RA pain. I am very honest with you. When I had OA on my knee and had to have my first ortho surgery at age 24, that pain was much worse than RA for me now and still I would never take opiates for this only.
Why do I tell you about myself? Only to find out if you 100% sure the pain you experiencing related to RA only, this is why. Especially you said your RA is mild... Make sure you go for second opinion if your pain is so bad. I never met anyone with even advanced RA like mine who would describe their pain the way you do. Another thing, RA doesn't affect spine, this is 100% proven. What it may affect, is cartridge in your neck, but not the spine itself. But OA can affect the spine for sure.

When I asked my RA DR who in practice for many years, she said that she never had to RX any of her RA patients opiates for pain. So here you go!
I am on opiates for a severe spinal/nerve damages, this is totally different issue, no relation to RA.

Sweetie, please dont be upset with me for asking: are you on any anti-depressants? The reason why I ask is the fact that many people who have pain, they become depressed. Remember how they say "Depression hurts"? This is so right. I met many people on board who say they got their lives back, they never thought that this type drugs may give them great life quality.
See, when we hurt, it normal to be sad about it, and if people not strong enough maybe, this pain consumes their lives, and it turns to depression; they don't live life, life becomes - pain. I know what severe pain is, I deal with it every minute of my life, but I am not depressed and still able to see the beauty of life, enjoy my family and friends.

I always say when people have the luxury of choosing either to go on pain meds or not, it means they can live without them. Only when you know 100% that you can't survive another minute of this pain, than you should do something about it. If you can go without them, just do what you do now.
If you smart and strong minded, you never become an addict. People who dont do research on pills they put in their mouth, they dont know how dangerous this may be, they can easy be victims of addiction. I am on pain meds for 6 years, know couple friends of mine with CP who on it, they are all fine and nobody is an addict. It's a choice people make, not the pills.

I wish I could help you, wish to take your pain away from you, suffering is not something we want in our lives, but... it's life unfortunately.
Do you have good family support? You have good friends to talk to?
I have to say, this is so important. I am not talking about driving people crazy by complaining to them all the time, but just to have them around, have some good times with them; positivity helps with pain as well.:)

Hugs and best wishes dear heart.
Dear Pixie,

the stress you are talking about, is enough to make you hurt more, no doubt about that.
Regarding your anti-depressants. Many people are saying that this type drugs take long time to work; for everyone is different. Many people get them change many times until Dr finds the right one. What works for you, many not necessarily works for me, etc. Please dont give up on results. If you see something you take doesn't bring you any relieve, it means to talk to your DR.
I am so surprised when I read posts where RA sufferers saying they in pain, they swollen and have low great fivers and yet, they on biologics or other RA medications for years and years. My RA would never let this happen. She always tells me that drugs are powerful, they may affect other organs so why be on them if they stop working? I appreciate her taking good care of her patients.
If you know in your gut something is wrong, just talk to your DR and do your own research, this is also helpful and important.

People have to learn to recognize if their stiffness belongs to RA or stiffness is just muscle issue. Less active we are, more stiff we are but not necessarily RA related. Simple cold weather can make our muscle stiff and even affect our walking b/c of this. Stretching is the best thing in a world and like I said earlier - yoga. Mild yoga can't hurt you. I had numerous spinal surgeries, my spine full of titanium, couldn't do yoga for a while after surgeries, but time after I am back to it and love it.
Muscles are not an issue if you do yoga or even every day stretches couple times a day.

Good luck to you

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