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I found another thread on this but it was closed so I'll start a new one.

About a week ago I was hit with sudden -- like over a couple of hours or so -- pain in all my joints: elbows, wrists, knees, fingers, shoulders. I was naturally extremely worried. What could it be? I consulted doctor Google and found only alarming possibilities, like septic arthritis and reactive arthritis and worse. Over the next few days I consulted three real doctors. They all said pretty much the same thing: some kind virus or germ infecting my joints ... it'll probably go away. I'm a professional guitarist and the news wasn't what I wanted to hear. On the worst day -- about day three -- I could hardly walk my knees hurt so much and I haven't had a good night's sleep since I got it.

Today I was picking up my daughter from pre-school and was talking to a mother there. She told me that her daughter had just got over something called Parovirus, aka Slapped Cheek. She told me the little girl had had a rash and fever but that her husband had also got it. In adults, she told me, the symptoms are flu like: awful aching in all the joints. I have since spoken to him and his symptoms were exactly mine.

Although I'm still not 100%, I feel 1000% because I finally know what I have and that it will only last 1-3 weeks.

I thought I'd pass it on for anyone going through the terrible worry I went through.


Kirk Lorange
Thank you for sharing!

Always good to have knowledge of your body, of symptoms you never experienced before. It understandable people get worried, but a lot of them immediately self diagnose with some serious condition and panic over it.
Not every joint pain is RA, especially if hits you over night. Simply virus may trigger joint and soft tissue pain, even swolliness and tenderness to the touch. It may come and go and if doesn't go for couple weeks or month, than its a good time to be checked for something more serious.

Feel better,

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