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Hello you wonderful thumb people! I had my surgery 4 days ago. The worst part of the whole process was my preop: they had trouble placing a catheter for my IV. It took over an hour, 5 people, and about 9 sticks in my arm, foot, and finally the neck! Very nerve-wracking, but thanks to my anesthesiologist who finally got it going! I thought they were going to have to cancel my surgery because of not being able to find IV access. Don't worry if you have never had this sort of problem. I usually do, but not to this extent.
Next thing I remember is waking up, pain in my hand, they 've given me all the pain meds they can, pain at 6 or 7 and time to go home!

Been taking my pain meds every four hours. After about 3 hrs my pain returns. My fingers are quite swollen. Weird creaking sounds and feeling in thumb when I move my fingers. I have a hard cast around thumb and a hard splint around arm to elbow, all wrapped with ace bandage.

I have been taking Arnica orally and applying cream to my fingers and my iv stick bruises. Arm always elevated. Ice 3 or 4 times a day. Wiggle my fingers. Sleep a lot.

I am concerned about swollen fingers on surgical hand. 3-1/2 days and hand still quite painful. When did your pain lessen? Should I be concerned about crackling and swelling?

Sleeping a lot,

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