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Hi all you PA bums. I'm kinda new to this section of the boards, in that I was treated for lupus for two years before a new rhuematologist changed my diagnosis to PA. I never bought into the lupus diagnosis, but my wife was saying I was just in denial. But everything I read about lupus didn't line up with my symptoms and so after two years of treatment with prednisone and plaquinil, I was seeing no progress. The rashes were just driving me crazy, so I decided to change doctors. The next one said right off that he was 100 percent SURE I didnt have Lupus and believed I had PA. I have to admit, now I believe the PA diagnosis is correct and we are making some progress. Started me on the Methatrexate and the rashes started to go away. But when I stopped the prednisone, the pain in my joints just went crazy. I'm hoping for some improvement in the joint pain, but for now, I'm happy. Plus, I wasn't too crazy about taking the plaquinil and prednisone.

I'm a 62-year old male with rashes on my elbows, ankles and and thighs. The rash on my ankles has been the worst by far, but its pretty well hidden by my jeans. I have a lot of pain in my fingers, toes and the balls of my feet. I also have really bad pain in my knees right now. Fortunately, I'm still able to work, but its a real ***** the first couple hours, then it suddenly gets a lot better, and Im pretty good the rest of the day.

I'm taking 8 methatrexate pills each week and so far I've not had any problems with taking the medicine. A lady I work with says her mother has been taking the methatrexate for several years without any problems so I guess there are no serious side effects. I'm also taking the folic acid.

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