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Re: Celebrex/lyrica
Dec 22, 2012
[QUOTE=Mikeh66;5106670]Sounds like we are having a very similar problem. I am taking 1400 mg gabapentin for a pain in my left buttock when I sit. The med helps, but when I am at home (a lot) since I had to retire I sit on a cold pack. I have two packs in the fridge and am sitting on 1 all of the time.

I have had not had a name given to my pain, they said it might be arthritis, ischial bursitis, ischiel tuberosity and good luck.

Please write if you get any good news as I will to you.

God bless

After my first PKR I had pain sitting(ischial bursitis or tendonitis) that actually had me limping by the end of the day. After months of stretches I finally had a cortisone shot in that very awkward location and it cleared right up over night. I would ask about it. Your GP might not do it because it is tricky to place, but they can always refer you to someone who can such as a rheumatologist. Be persistent if they try to put you off-it can become chronic if you let it go, and it is easy for them to say wait and see when it isn't causing them the pain. Good luck!


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