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Re: Methotrexate
Jun 9, 2013
Meth wasn't a success drug for me. Didn't relieve my RA problems, but this is a drug which they usually Rx and see if a patient doing well on it, instead of going right the way to a harsher biologics.
First of all, i have severe case of RA so if you don't, it may work on you well.
I had pretty unpleasant symptoms and asked my Dr to take me off it about 4 month later. Mostly nausea, not being able to eat, lost 17 pounds in 4 month without trying. Hair loss and extreme exhausting. But drugs I am on now make me very tired as well, much worse than MTX.

I never took a drink being on my drugs since drug itself affects the liver, and when we add alcohol to it, it affects even harsher. So for me it not worth the risk. BTW, any medication while drinking alcohol affects your liver and in time it can be dangerously damaged.

Another thing, auto-immune treatments, RA treatments included, bring our immune system down. A little bug in a air for someone is OK, for people with compromised immune system can be a real problem. MY RA DR always tells me to have immunization and even with it to avoid public places in a winter and flu seasons.
I personally know a lady, in her late 70 who is taking MTX and Enbrel for 10 years now and is doing well; never even had a problem with it. So its all very individual; if you don't try, you don't know...
So for you to travel outside of US has to be discussed with your Dr for sure. I would definitely avoid places where Americans go and have to have tons of different immunizations not to get sick. My co-worker went to Africa and had around 9 different shots for every disease is out there. Have to be careful with their waters, fruits and veggies, and in general be very careful.

I am glad you searching for answers not just go and do.

Best of luck to you

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