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Hello, I'm sorry if this is long but am desperate for some help/advice

5 weeks ago I went to the doctors because of indigestion/heartburn. I was prescribed omeprazole (Prilosec) 40mg once a day. At this point I had no other symptoms at all.

On the second day of taking these I noticed joint pain in my wrists. (I recognised this from taking omeprazole a few years ago, wrist pain,knees etc at that point I stopped them after about 4 days) I continued with the omeprazole for 2 weeks, all the while the joint pain was getting worse and worse but I thought it would stop once I'd got used to them.

After 2 weeks and now in agony with joint pain in every joint I stopped the omeprazole.

One week off them I went back to the doctors because of the pain, she did routine blood tests which showed my ESR was elevated to 31 and CRP was also up.

By this point I am in real pain. One week later still in agony doctor repeated bloods which showed ESR was now 61 and CRP up again.

I have been referred to a rheumatologist and am waiting for the appointment.

It's now 3 weeks since I stopped the omeprazole. Every joint in my body is sore, my fingers,wrists,elbows,shoulders,neck,knees,ankles and even my jaw. When I wake up in the morning I can hardly move and its only after being up a few hours, painkillers (tramadol and ibuprofen) that the pain dies down a bit but is still always there and always very painful.

I have no warmth or redness of the joints and maybe a little bit of swelling but not that anyone else can see.

Can rheumatoid arthritis start that quickly?

I went from no pain to every joint in my body sore. Because I know I had joint pain from omeprazole before I can't help but think its a reaction to the medication.

I have read about a serum sickness like reaction to medication that causes bad joint pain.

I'm so frightened about what's wrong with me and in so much pain.

Please can anybody help?

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