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... very thin silk pants and top. Believe or not, I walk in a house in my gloves and socks when I am very bad and go to bed with it too. No, it's not pretty, but who cares if it helps with pain, right? ... (1 replies)
... I landed in the hospital three days last week for asthma which messed with my heart and blood pressure, and they put me on prednisone (as well as a boatload of other stuff.) I didn't get my meloxicam the first day because of a miscommunication and my joints were really hurting by the time I got it (11 o'clock that night)... but after that, surprisingly I didn't have a twinge.... (2 replies)
... I just got up from my bed first time in 5 days. ... (2 replies)

... I'm sure the weather is much nicer where you are now! Montreal can be pretty chilly a lot of the time! I keep trying to plan trips there, but they never seem to work out somehow :confused: I watched a bunch of videos on how to do it, and I successfully gave myself an injection of MTX on Monday. It isn't that hard, the hardest part is building yourself up to stab yourself... (18 replies)
Is this arthritis
Dec 31, 2009
... My feet are very painful and stiff on walking, sitting too long and even when laying in bed. One of my feet has gone a funny shape. On walking after a while I have a shooting pain across the top of my left foot so intense I almost shout out and have to stop walking. I have a similar pain in my laft hand at the thumb joint and have trouble gripping and picking up heavy things I... (3 replies)
... et asthma but I believe the ra causes inflammation similar to asthma. I now go to the chemist and get a ventolin inhaler. I have a couple of puffs of that before bed and no longer wake up in the midlle of the night because I can't breathe. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I am 56 years old in very good health. No one in my family history has had arthitis other than some in the hands a older ages. A few months ago after driving more than an hour I would get very stiff in my hips then it went to my knees. After a month or so of this all hell broke loose. One morning It hurt so bad I could not hardly move the covers off me in bed. My... (4 replies)
... I have it by my bed at night and use it if I need to get up for the bathroom. Otherwise, I'm 5 minutes getting there and 5 minutes getting back...and it's about 10 steps. ... (6 replies)
... I just bought a used hot tub in March and have used it every day since. It does help the pain and if I use it before bed I sleep much better. ... (5 replies)
Cervical Arthritis
Feb 16, 2009
... he side. I also stretch my cervical area by pulling my shoulders back slowly over and over til it pops or feels some relief. Heat, a tens unit, and a memory foam bed help some also. I hope you find some other suggestions! ... (1 replies)
... Hello Everyone, About 2 1/2 weeks ago I woke up and did my normal morning stretch before getting out of bed and as I was extending my arms I had a sharp and sudden pain in my elbow that felt like I was being cut with a razor from the inside out (kinda hard to explain but if you have felt this before then you probably know what I am talking about) Anyway, a few seconds later... (4 replies)
Knee arthritis
Jan 6, 2009
... ently. Apart from running etc. You know what I mean. Iv,e proved that. When I went to Australia to be in a hotter climate I stayed at a farm and for my food and bed I did odd jobs. I weeded and although I could,nt kneel or bend my knees I sat on my bum or compramised in other ways. I am disheartenend with the doctors etc. ... (19 replies)
Knee arthritis
Dec 11, 2008
... I started swimming, lots of laps. Great for the pain and muscles. With my injection, the pain relief is huge. So I can walk my stairs, can get out of my bed and get to the gym. I also do weight circuit training, slow and no weight on the knees. ... (19 replies)
Nail bed
Jul 24, 2008
... Round indentations, bubble/bumps? Like pitting? That sounds like nail psoriasis. Do you have dry skin generally? If so, with your arthritic symptoms, you might want to look up Psoriatic Arthritis. Ridges /\/\/\/\ that grow horizontally across the nail can seem, to the touch, to be individual "pockets" or indentations. (6 replies)
Nail bed
Jul 19, 2008
... Hi guys I just noticed all of my nails have indents or bumps on them. This is right above the half moon. I read that this can be a sign of arthritis. As some of you know I have been searching for answers to my migratory joint pain and extreme joint popping. Does anyone else have this issue w their nails? (6 replies)
... o! 2 cats a 2 year old lurcher and 15 year old jack russel we inherited from mum in law. Don't tell hubby but yesterday i was really bad and they were all on the bed with me! they are great company. ... (85 replies)
... Imuran is an older drug and one I resisted taking for 2 years. My current rheum managed to talk me into trying it and I am so glad she did. It doesn't make me sick, has a generic, comes in a pill form and IS WORKING! The trick to taking it is take the entire dose at night and go to bed. You sleep through the nausea. amberwalsh, if your dad had a bad reaction to... (6 replies)
... Sally, it is great that you have family to help. Don't feel like you are taking advantage of them, that's what family is there for. I took 8 methotrexate once a week along with the folic acid and arava and the enbrel. My dr said the most he ever gave someone was 12 a week. Once I started on the enbrel, I was able to stop taking the methotrexate. My dr is old fashioned and... (12 replies)
... I go through the same thing almost every night. It is terrible pain. I always take three advil before bed, wear a knee brace on each knee and elivate my legs on a large couch cushion. Most of the time, this helps. Otherwise if the pain is unbearable, i hop to the bathtub and soak in a hot bath for about twenty mins. It helps a little bit. (10 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. We have a electric blanket so at night he really looks forward to going to bed although he really doesnt sleep well. He works in a very cold place and has for years. The cold is getting unbearable. ... (3 replies)

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