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... wish i had been told that then. I'm not sure the diff between SED rate and CRP, maybe someone else can answer that. i know SED rate measures inflammation in the blood. ... (6 replies)
... So you need to have the rheumy do more tests and figure out what is going on. No one test will tell's a grouping of test results along with observation that tells them what is going wrong. ... (1 replies)
... Symptoms can actually be vague at the beginning, like stiffness in the mornings. I don't think you necessarily have to have pain, just trouble gripping objects and stuff like that. ... (6 replies)

... reactive protein or CRP is found in the liver and accumulates there in reaction to inflammation. CRP has been found to be a more accurate test to measure inflammation and pain than ESR or sed rate. ... (2 replies)
... I had first went to see my Rheumatologist in February. My neuro surgeon had referred me to rule out Fibromyalgia. I had a lumbar fusion in June 2003 and suffered with severe back and leg pain. Although I didn't believe that I had Fibromyalgia I was indeed diagnosed with it. Also at that time my rheu. ... (0 replies)
... thank you jenny thank you so much i was kinda thinking the same thing probably something thats causing the rash around my genitals and abdominal pain is causing me to have joint pain also quick question if i cant figure out whats wrong with me in time can it lead to drastic diseases / disorders im am now looking into fibromyalga do you think it was still when i was... (26 replies)
... Rheumatoid arthritis hits in different ways and I probably had it for years before diagnosis. Mine started with chronic tendinitis and not joint problems. But after many years, I got calcium deposits in the tendons and they suspected something inflammatory. Then it hit my brain next. ... (26 replies)
... I think your doctor is right. We are sero negative and we have a lot of different symptoms for a lot of things but we just don't fit because of the blood work. Mixed connective tissue disease... ... (19 replies)
Lab results--RA?
May 13, 2003
... Hi there! I'm pretty new here. I'm a li'l frustrated & could use some help please. I'm 42/female, I've been told I have Lupus or RA, yet to reveal itself fully. The diagnosing phase is so frustrating--I know you are all aware. It's been several months. Here are some lab results (FYI). If anyone can relate to them or shed some light, I appreciate it. It seems that my... (2 replies)
Blood Tests
Jun 21, 2012
... ray of my ankle and it was entirely normal, the joint was fine. He said I do not have osteoarthritis and that is when he thought I should get inflammatory arthritis looked at. ... (3 replies)
Jul 31, 2011
... Oh, how well I an relate!!! I have suffered for YEARS and between not having health insurance and then having problems reaching a diagnosis...they think it's autoimmune but still don't for sure what...RA maybe. ... (7 replies)
... the time. You know, fever, body aches ect... it kicked my butt I was in bed for 3 days straight. Then I broke out in "spots". Started out as pimple looking spots and only on my neck and forearms, no where else. These spots turned into blisters. I went to the Dr. ... (3 replies)
... she was symmetrical, then promptly went into remission, without any treatment, and stayed that way for close to twenty years. It was smoking that killed her but that is beside the point. ... (11 replies)
Blood Tests
Jun 21, 2012
... At this point, no one would commit to a diagnosis of a rheumatological condition, but with your inflammatory CRP a little high, if your symptoms persist or worsen, I would get retested in 6 months or so. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, I have juvenile arthritis and had those symptoms. I also had rash and eye inflammation called uveitis. ... (8 replies)
... I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Or Connecticut. I've spent a little time in CT. I went to Torrington for a concert a few years back and or course I know 95 like the back of my hand. I lived on Cape Cod and running back and forth between there and here...if I had a nickel for each trip LOL!! ... (14 replies)
Could this be RA?
Nov 21, 2013
... ry doctors. I see a different one every time I go in so there is no consistency. We transferred every 2 years also so it didn't help things. Now we are retired and maybe I can get somewhere. I do have an apt with a rheum on Dec 11 and I really appreciate all of this info so that I can be fully prepared. ... (20 replies)
... Hi 6kidz and let me apologize for being so late in getting back to you. The day you posted, I was having my 3rd spine surgery for OA. ... (2 replies)
Oct 27, 2008
... I to have a very high CRP level that goes up and down but is always high. My sed rate is also very elevated, over 30 now, and has been going up for the last 3 years. ... (4 replies)
... UGH! Sorry for all those diagnosis'. I am frustrated and confused and a little bit angry. ... (3 replies)

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