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... w on Methotrexate. Now, finally, I'm getting some respite. I had been reduced to sleeping and sitting, and on heavy painkillers, and that was my life. But the Methotextrate has made a big difference, and coupled with spring weather, I'm hopeful. ... (6 replies)
... Once you start using Rogaine you'll have to continue to use. If you stop, the problem starts again. I was going to do that, even bought a box. But then decided I didn't want to spend all that money each month, so I returned it. I never found a solution. It slowed down after awhile so that's why I think it was a hormonal problem. I've read different things as to the cause... (21 replies)
... yeah, i'm losing hair constantly. i thought for awhile that it was being minimized by folic acid but as i washed my hair last night, lots of strands came off enough to make a toupee (maybe not that much). reading some of the postings, it seems to be a trend though for people on metho, but i haven't read anyone mentioning of any remedies for it. do you still have that... (21 replies)

... The reason I quit taking metho was because I was starting to lose my hair and thought that this was reason. But months after I stopped taking it I was still losing my hair so I believe it's a hormonal problem as I'm at that peri-menopause stage. I then started taking Imuran (which I'm still taking) and my new rhuemy started me on Enbrel. (21 replies)
... i am wondering, if the metho was working great for you especially without any side effects, why did you stop and taking enbrel now? did it stop working after awhile and how long were you on it? (21 replies)
... I used to take methotrexate but am now on Enbrel injections. But, wanted you to know, when I took metho I had no side affects whatsoever. None. And at the time, meth did me a world of good. I was at a point where I could barely get out of bed and it got me on my feet again. Just make sure you have regular blood work done to keep a check on your liver function. And take your... (21 replies)
... Thank you all! I just wanted to let you know that I have been fine. Better than fine, actually. Just 5 days after taking the first dose I was dramatically improved. I have psoriatic arthritis and had been in agony. I'm now just taking relatively mild painkillers and am not having the horrific pain that I was. I do have a weird experience when I take it though - does... (21 replies)
... Hello, I've been on methotraxate,,pills and injections for 4 years now. I also take enbrel, vioxx and folic acid and omeg 3 fish oil. Out of all the meds I take, I would stick with the methotraxate. The rhemotolgist tells me all these medicines work well together. I coundn't stand on my feet at the end of the day until I started methotraxate. I wish I had started this... (21 replies)
... Hi, hang in there. The side effects decrease. I have been on MTX for 18 months and I am currently on highest level 20 mg injections. It was rough for the first few months but a great payoff. I could not imagine going off it. Best of luck. Cindy (21 replies)
... Hi! Well, I was freaked when I took the Metho too. So the first time I took it (4 pills) I did it in the morning after breakfast and laid around all day. I didn't know what the side effects would be (dizzy queasy or tired) but I was fine. A little tired but I am always tired so I don't ever know if it is lack of sleep or meds. The next time I took it I decided if I go... (21 replies)
... Well I took it for about a year and I was so terrified I had to have my doctor on the phone as I swallowed the pills the first time. I had my husband and kids on standby in case of a bad reaction. I kept waiting and waiting and....nothing. I never had the slightest side effect. It worked pretty well for me but I have since switched to enbrel which is working great. Good... (21 replies)
... Hi Stacy I'm envious, it sounds like you are doing pretty good! Wow, to be able to really exercise! I've just started going to an aquacise class for people with arthritis. My ego took a pounding, working out with old people, but the exercise is great. This is my first year of Psoriatic Arthritis and it came on at the beginning of winter. It has been very cold over here... (4 replies)
Jul 25, 2004
... I'd like to hear from people who have taken it. I have psoriatic arthritis and it has not responded well enough to the drug Arcoxia. So I am looking at Methotextrate as the next drug. My rheumy says it is safe so long as you have regular liver enzyme tests to check what it is doing. ... (11 replies)
... Please tell your sister it should get better.I have had RA since childhood.I now have 3 small children.During each pregnancy I felt better, but after I had a flare up.Each flare up was different but it did ease up quite a bit a few months later, when my hormones went back to normal.Tylenol was and is a big help with my pain. (I also take bextra and now Methotextrate, but... (29 replies)

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