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... the appt. My Rheumie sent me some info in the mail today suggesting a 3rd opinion. She also thinks the 2 other ortho Dr's excuses don't add up and as you said they go in circles. ... (30 replies)
... up visit. since the first visit the pain has changed dramatically. after preparing an extensive but very concise list of symptoms and questions. ... (16 replies)
... i have never posted on this board before, but have a lot of experience with osteoarthritis in both knees. i don't understand why your doctor is unwilling to do the tests that would diagnose which type of arthritis you have. ... (10 replies)

... I am very sorry to here about your condition. I have seen my stepchildren suffer through the very sudden death of their mother from an aneurysm. She was fine one minete and brain dead in the hospital 10 minetes latter. ... (10 replies)
... back in 1997 my hip was in excruitating pain for about 3 months. I thought i would had to limp forever.. ... (11 replies)
... needs this daily. Yes, I certainly do notice a difference for the good by taking 3,000 mg Glucosamin daily. I would probably say I've noticed the most difference in my hands. I know there is nothing that will make me pain free but if anything will help me the least little bit, then I'm game for it. ... (4 replies)
SED rate
Oct 29, 2011
... measures how fast the red blood cells settle in a tube of blood...erythrocyte sedimentation rate. It has traditionally been a measure of inflammation somewhere in the body but even stress can make it go up to 20 and even higher. ... (3 replies)
... In my case, I think it may. But, it probably depends on the person. Last fall, I received a confirmed diagnosis of OA, with suspected RA. A blood test in June confirmed RA as well. I have visible inflammation. Yet, my inflammatory markers measure very low. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, most certainly a herniated disc and stenosis can cause all sorts of pains and symptoms in different areas of your body, depending where the problem is located. ... (2 replies)
... eason he told me this was because on my follow up visit with him upon trying a new medication which I thought was helping at first, I only was getting worst. the pain was spreading to other areas of my body and I was feeling physically worst. I asked him if this was possible at that point and his answer was "yes". ... (8 replies)
... I definitely have some kind of arthritis, according to my rheumatologist. The question is just which kind. He seems to have ruled out lupus on the basis of a negative ds DNA and lack of symptoms (I have 3 out of 11, and you need at least 4 out of 11). He also ruled out rheumatoid arthritis and I don't really understand why. I don't have a positive rheumatoid factor, but... (13 replies)
... For myself, at least, I would rather see the rheumy at my worst. I was in a moderate flare and by the time I saw a rheumy for the first time, it was waning a bit. ... (4 replies)
Newly diagnosed
Jun 21, 2005
... thyroidism. My rheumy didn't actually say rheumatoid but my bone scan showed moderate symmetric activity in all joints of my fingers and hands as well as my knees and elbows. With some degenerative activity. ... (3 replies)
... But the result is that now I run almost 20 miles a week, after being told by a doctor in 1978 to not run more than a hundred yards. I'm now 51 years old. ... (7 replies)
... You can have gout in just about any joint in the body. ... (4 replies)
... You mean Gulf Syndrome makes someone cower in a corner crying? ... (23 replies)

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