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As I've posted before I'm new to Asthma, newly diagnosed that is, because when I've read the early warning signs sticky, I could easily relate to about 80% of the symptoms mentioned there.

BUT... not until recently, I've experienced some breathing issues that I can't remember having before. Still I don't know what qualifies as an Asthma Attack and what do you consider just chronic Asthma symptoms.

I'm still trying to figure this out because most of the times when I felt worse, I actually tested good in the spirometer, and my lungs heard ok. And sometimes when I feel "Normal", my lungs seem to be bad.

I don't have a strict action plan, because my Social Security Doctors treat you like an animal to say the least. So for them is "Use your rescue inhaler up to 4 times(8 dosis) in an hour. If you still can't breathe, rush to the hospital. :roll eyes:

My current symptoms are: Tightness in chest, lung ache(if that's possible) when I breathe, specially in my back(upper back), mild cough when I lay down, and shortness of breath that could be spontaneous or right after some physical effort, bot not so much during it. Sometimes it feels like if something squeezed my lungs inside my thorax. I've also got bouts of tiredness, and sighing.

Also I've had my back muscles sore and in pain, as well as my shoulders. In general I feel uneasy and not "right"

Can you relate to this? I this an asthma attack even when I performed great in the doctor's office?

Those are my new "real asthma" symptoms. But for years I've had, itchy nose and throat, stuffed nose, tiredness, uneasiness, black circles under my eyes, sore throat, heart palpitations, acid reflux.

Until now I can't recall any wheezing, besides when I cough a lot, and fortunately not blue lips or fingernails.

My final question of this post is: Could a treatment protocol, using inhalers, immunisation and the usual asthma stuff could actually flare up the asthmatic symptoms. I ask this because even before I knew about my diagnose, I've never felt like this, and since I started treatment I've started to feel the symptoms mentioned above, with some regularity.



For those who could be prescribed with Calcort/Dezaflacort: I'm on the 3rd day with the short course(30g for 7 days), and so far it has least side effects than the prednisone.

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