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I've started, four weeks ago, after a long Upper Respiratory infection which gave me asthma hell, to use a new and improved allergy shots and, even as I believe they don't act so quickly, I felt way better, even as my GERD is still not so well controlled. Still can't tell which symptom is which, because sometimes it seems that GERD alone can give you some "false" asthma like symptoms, but it can trigger the real deal too so... hard to tell for me.

From a daily need for 2-3 rescue puffs, to practical zero in almost four weeks, I've felt the improvement, it might me the shots or that the infection receded somehow.

Thing is that, even with this clear improvement I'm a little uncertain on some of my symptoms and when to go the GERD mayor the Asthma way.

Why? Because sometimes my rescue inhaler makes me fell better sometimes not, sometimes my GERD medications make me feel better, sometimes neither help and sometimes symptoms come and go by themselves, so I can't tell if I'm taking the right medicine or doing the right thing or not.

My current symptoms, which were hard some weeks ago and now are from mild to nonexistent, at least for some hours, ara mainly this.

1. Difficulty breathing but not the way this started like if I've lost all the air inside my lungs but having a clear difficulty to get the air through my nose and my throat. It doesn't feel as "deep" or lung located as before. Does this make any sense? Like an extra flow of air is needed to pass throw my nostrils and the top of my throat, without feeling my nose clogged.

I can take deep breaths, blow hard on the peak flow meter and even in my crisis, the Doctors heard just really mild wheezing through their stethoscope, and sometimes not even that.

I was so good in that respect that the Dr. reduced my daily puffs from 4 a day to 2 a day of Symbicort.

2. Dizziness, part feeling motion, part drowsiness, this comes and goes but is somehow present since my last crisis over a month and a half ago. Discussing with my doctor a sleep test by advice of a fellow board member, but I'm still on this.

3. Sleepiness and tiredness, maybe related to the prior point, I can get like KO'ed sitting down, at the movies, writing in my laptop etc. Sometimes it's so strong that I feel like if I am fainting.

During night I have a deep profound sleep with many more dreams recalled than I used to remember.

Unless I'm a little suffocated, then I feel like I have to gasp for breath immediately and more while I'm falling asleep, and I react immediately with a jump and a racing heart. Sometimes the sensation is still there but most of the time it's gone. Otherwise I got so KO that sometimes I wake up hours later.

4. I'm quite clear on my classic GERD issues, like heartburn, regurgitation, burping, bloating. They're all there still

I've got an upper endoscopy to check whats happening, I feel a little nervous about it...

5. Anxiety. I'm a little edgier now even without a clear cut symptom or as a warning sign about them.

Aside from the infections, and maybe the GERD, because I can feel its symptoms but no dyspnea or anything like it, I can't pinpoint a real trigger like a food or something, no even home dust which is the allergen that they're trying on my after an inconclusive allergy test.

I've also noticed some heart rate and blood pressure spikes, specially during my last month crisis, BUT as this progressed I could feel symptoms without any of them. I other words I've checked my BP and rate during a flare, and they don't seem to be affected, and this also its true for my anxious feeling, I feel the palpitations but my heart rate remains under 100 and goes back to 75-80 quickly, and so does my BP.
Any ideas?

Current and previous medications:

Symbicort 1 puff every 12 hours,
Montelukast 10 mg daily,

Combivent as my rescue inhaler.
Omeprazole 20 mg twice a day for GERD
Increasing dose of allergy shots, one shot a week

Until last Thursday I was using

Symbicort and Pulmicort, 1 puff every 12 each.
Montelukast and Combivent in the same way but I' needed several rescue shots.
Loratadine 10 mg daily
Mometasone 1 shot every 12 hours daily.

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