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Nov 16, 2015
Hello. I am posting in regards to my 8 year old daughter who has very severe asthma. She was diagnosed at 2, and has been hospitalized about 1000 times, ICU 750 times, and put on a ventolator 40 times. She is now on advair 500/50 2 inhales, twice a day plus asmanex 220. Singulair 10 mg, xolair shots. She's had to been on prednisone for the past month because when we took her off it, she had to go to the ICU. In addition to all this, she ususally has to get 10+ nebulizer treatments a day just to breathe. (she's taken so many she says the mask doesn't even hurt anymore.) She can't have a normal life, since she's in the nurse half the day at school, and up half the night coughing, wheezing, and doing treatments. She had to now recently go on oxygen since her sat couldn't get above 80%. Kids make fun of her since she has to wear a mask all the time. They call her an "old lady". Unfortunotely, when she tries to yell and fight back, she ends up in the nurse not being able to breathe. She's of average height and weight, peak flow best of 95 but is currently at about 45. She has a lung function of about 5%. We are spending hundreds a month of meds, and she is constantly suffering. Wheezing is normal for her. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'll take anything. Thanks :)

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