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My daughter--11 years old, has had asthma all her life. Recently, she's been having a lot of attacks, so she's been taking her albterol nebulizer a lot more than usual. Because of this, she has been a lot more shaky and her heart rate is spiking. The doc tried Xopenex instead, but since she was taking so much--it didn't help a lot. Is there anyone who knows a drug, just as powerful as albuterol for severe asthma that doesn't give all of the side effects? She also takes Adviar 500, when she's too sick to breathe the Advair, she does pulmicort via the neb, 3 vials of the 1 mg, and also 1 vial of the perfomist. Her PEFR best was 100 and her FEV 1 is about 0.2. She is also on prednisone as needed.

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