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Hi I hope someone can answer me. a month and a half ago i caught a very bad flu which caused my asthma to flare up. i took cough syrups with salbutamol because that's what i usually do when i catch a flu and my asthma flares up. and usually my asthma and cough would go away for about a few days. but i noticed after a week of taking cough syrup w/ salbutamol that my coughing is not getting better. so i went to visit my doctor after a few days and by then i was on my second week with cough. she told me that i should focus on treating my asthma so i nebulized on that visit and prescribed me a inhaler. i felt the relief but my cough and breathing is still bad. and started using my inhaler. after a few days that i was using inhaler I still feel the same it gave me a little relief but i was still feeling sick and tired and the cough is still bad. so i went to visit her again and i was on my third week with the cough and cold and asthma. she then prescribed me clarithromicin and motelukast. i took the antibiotic for a week. i felt even better than the week before.

three days after the antibiotic i started feeling very sick and tired and my cough is getting bad again my pleghm is becoming so thick and sticky and my asthma is acting up again. by that. time i was only using my inhaler and taking the montelukast. i started nebulizing in the morning but nothings happening and my cough was just the worst my coughing is just so strong and it just hurts breathing and tiring. so i visited my doctor again and by that time i was already sick for a month. she told me to have xray cause she was suspecting pneumonia. so i took an xray and the results went back normal. so she told me to continue using my inhaler and nebulizer and she extended my montelukast treatment. so i did what she told me i kinda felt better i guess it's because of the xray result so i don't really notice how tired my body and my mind and my breathing was becoming. i was already sick for seven weeks when i started feeling tired and bad and i was crying cause i felt like i was not getting better so i visited my fathers Friend Dr. she the prescribed prednisone for 5 days 2x a day. and she prescribed a stronger inhaler which is diskus (which i was not able to buy) and also she gave me antihistamine for my clogged nose and also prescribed a mucolytic. after taking the pred for 5 days my breathing got better my cough was better my phlegm was just plain white thick phlegm it's the best i have ever felt for the last 4 weeks. so i went through finishing the rest of my med which are montelukast, doxofylline, antihistamine, and mucolitic.

now just a few days a go which is on the 23 i went to organize a party had a few drinks and i kinda got very tired that my asthma acted up again. but not the severe one. by that time i was only taking the doxofylline and the antihistamine. so when i got home i nebulized and felt better. but when i woke up the next morning i felt sick and i'm having a hard time breathing again. my phlegm got very thick and sticky again and my coughing was so bad. so yesterday we bought the diskus inhaler and i started using it and i'm still on doxofylline and antihistamine. and i use the diskus after nebulizing. i feeling better but only a few hours after nebulizing. also i have stopped smoking for 5 months now. now i'm just really tired coz there are times that it would feel better and then would go back to feeling sick again. right now i feel tired in my chest i also have post nasal drip and i'm drinking antihistamine for it. my phlegm is not as thick as before like i would cough and wouldn't feel mucus from my throat but my chest feels tight and heavy but i can manage but still, it's an inconvinience. i nebulize 3 times a day and use my diskus twice, i just want to ask if i'm gonna be like this forever. i have a lot of things i need to attend to and it is affected by this asthma and cough. and this was the first time that i had an asthma with cough for more than a month and it is also the first time that i used an inhaler my whole life. i'm already 22. and usually i don't get sick. and this is the first time that i got so darn sick that i can't go out even in our garden. i really want to know what caused this and what i can do and if this is gonna be what my life is like. thank you for thepeople who could answer me or anyone who will reply who are going through the same things i'm going through. Thanks :)

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