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[QUOTE=quincy;5439507]The rescue inhaler....ventolin and ilk....ONLY deals with the restriction. NOT the inflammation or reaction that causes it.

So...while it is mild now, should it increase in any way, learn how a steroid inhaler.....preventer....can help lessen the likelihood of scarring.

Do your research and see a pulmonologist again for a new baseline and see if a steroid inhaler would be a good thing for you.

Colds dont last for 5 hours, so your reaction could possibly be to something else. Another querie. Request a reading limit for a peak flow metre and use it to see how low it goes when you are coughing, wheezing or during your 5 hour episodes.

I'm only suggesting you learn more about asthma and to take it more you age, changes will likely happen We do tolerate a normal....sometimes it keeps increasing becoming a new normal.
Just be aware should changes happen and if you feel the need to use your inhaler more often.

Stay well,

[QUOTE=Titchou;5439523]I agree with Quincy. As for long term use of rescue inhalers, I've had asthma for about 20 years and have been a jogger for 25 or more. I firmly believe that continuing to jog under the use of the ventolin has given me the ability to dance without pre medicating. I understand this will continue for the rest of my life -along with my daily steroid inhaler. I've had no bad side effects - only good ones![/QUOTE]


My daughter started using Ventolin (Albuterol) when she was 18 months old via nebulizer. She is now 24 years old and I can most definitely say she does not have any long term negative problems from using Ventolin (Albuterol).

I will again say --- Please use your Asthma medications as prescribed.[/QUOTE]

This has been truly helpful. I shall tread carefully, and look further into this matter :)
On a more serious note, yet not any less true - I thank all of you, I've completely changed my mindset regarding treatment and it'll most likely greatly benefit me.

Once again, and it doesn't seem to be enough, [B]Thank. You.[/B].
Hope you all have the rest of a great day. And good bye c:

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