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Hi everyone,

I'm a 26 year old male, reaching out for any help I can find and writing to this forum hoping for some advice on what I can do with my asthma at the minute, because it hasn't felt in control since early November, even with my usual asthma pumps (the brown and the blue ones), and i've had a number of bad asthma attacks since early Nov.

History: I've had asthma since I was 14 years old (had a bad phase of it then) and since then i've been on the usual medications, eg. the pumps. Since the age of 14 it's been fairly ok and in control but i'm now 26, and this Winter it seems to have hit me harder than it has ever hit me.

For the last 3 weeks i've found it so hard to concentrate on my normal day to day activities :- at work (which is 45 minute drive away from home and my local doctors) I am unable to focus when I have the asthma and have to take time out to go to the toilet to calm myself down (especially at times when the asthma itself is bad because the feeling of not being able to breathe enough is terrifying), i've made multiple calls to the doctors, who ring me back in due course but I don't feel like they're taking this seriously enough.

This Friday I had a really bad asthma attack - I had managed to drive myself home but there was no one in the house, and I couldn't find any phones to contact people. The house phone had no batteries in it, my iphone has (ironically) stopped working and have had to send it for repairs, so I desperately got my laptop up and logged in ********. Thankfully my Dad and her partner were round the corner and came straight away - but I was a mess!!!! They took me to their house and it took 2.5 hours roughly to stop the attack and to calm me down and for things to be back to normal. In that time, I felt like all the circulation in my hands and legs had gone, I felt dizzy, I could barely move, I was anxious as hell because it took ages to feel like I could breathe normally, I was in a state for a long time. My partner lives 1.5 hours away so she couldn't get to me straight away, but at least I had some family around, they got me just at the right time before things got so much worse.

I'm contemplating having time off work / or working from home until I improve, (If it improves) just to make sure i'm local while the asthma is so bad and i'm closer to getting the help if I need it, If I could help it I didn't want to do this, but at the moment it feels like I have no choice, because at times the asthma will just attack me so suddenly and if i'm 45 minutes away? What's the point at being in work anyway when the asthma is affecting my concentration so much? When it happens I feel useless, and don't know what to do with myself!!! And obviously don't want that kind of burden to be there at the workplace.

On the same evening of my asthma attack, I slept alright because I was exhausted, but since Friday night i've had problems getting to sleep - fearing that the asthma will get me in my sleep or something. On Saturday I did have bad asthma again and my partner was with me, so she took me to A&E. The thing is at the time I wasn't suffering from the asthma and so, everything appeared normal - and was sent away. They seemed unhappy with the amount of the puffs I was having of the blue inhaler (10+ a day) and the Prednisolone steroids my doctor diagnosed me with to try and build my immune system back up. There is nothing worse than being sent home knowing your asthma is so serious at the time it happens.

I had a cold about 2/3 weeks ago but it was only a mild one... ever since that week i've not been the same, and the asthma has just been terrible. This last week I also had what I think was a chest virus, or Laryngitis because I lost my voice for a few days.

I don't know what to do, and I just want to get better soon and have things back to normal, and be able to breathe again in any circumstances. There are times when, due to my lifestyle, I have no choice to go outside to walk my dog and of course going to work - i'm never in the same place in one day and am usually always travelling to work and back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because it's reaching a point where it's not just getting me down, but I am fearing for my life in the long term - the asthma is really THAT bad. But only for the last 3 weeks :(

Help! And please prey for me and for this to get better :(
Update Tue 29/11/16 :- So went to see the asthma Nurse today. Explained the whole situation of last week and the weekend, and the random anxiety that keeps coming back and forth. I have been put on a Symbicort Turbohaler - and should have 2 of those every morning and evening. Plus the usual blue inhaler if/when I need it.

I do have an action plan - and have to take one of those tube breathometers - and keep recording it through the month so I have a record of how i'm getting on.

Hopefully these things will help me, but still keep getting a wave of anxiety come over me and getting really sweaty palms at random times / and breathlessness, which i'm not sure is related to the asthma. Seems to me like my body will keep randomly panicking since Friday's attack, not wanting it to happen again and so on. I've now gone in to work and keep feeling real weird - hopefully I will calm down as the day goes on. Any further tips for keeping my breath strong and calming down during anxiety attacks would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully this will start to wear off...

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