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Sorry I'm so long replying, I ended up not keeping my appointment but getting a cast instead.

Thanks Snoopy for instructions, I've never had that little pause I'm usually inhaling and spraying at the same time.

My regular inhaler has a spacer (that I've never washed) one more thing to add to the list. The rescue inhaler does not. Unfortunately I've been having to use that thing a whole lot.

My tongue is quite white when I first wake up, as the day goes by, it goes away a little bit. I decided to wait for my regular Drs appointment in 6 weeks. Its kind of depressing to think I could get thrush in my first 6 weeks on medication. I've have quite a few other side effects.

I'm having a hard time with the place I live. They spray the whole front and back yard with herbicide they grow most of their own food. I wheeze horribly for a few days. They just started buying trees and doing this. Then the incense burning, they leave it burning all day until the house is smoked out, today what seemed like a downy spill.

The 3 of the last 4 days I woke up and got out of the house (not that fast on my cast) because the air is so bad and I'm wheezing. I go to the library and its full of perfume, to stores with incense (I live in an area built for Vietnamese refugees and lots of people from India). They like everything scented.

I ended up going to the next town over so I could find someplace where I can breath. I had to use the rescue inhaler 3 days in a row. When all the stuff isn't going on I feel fine.

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