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Hey everybody,

So, I see a pulmonologist and I was diagnosed with asthma 9 years ago. I currently take Breo (100 mcg/25mcg), Spiriva (1.25mcg), and ProAir as needed. I was admitted to the ER two weeks ago for chest tightness and wheezing that would not go away with just using my inhaler. The kept me overnight, because my EKG came back abnormal, but all the heart stuff has checked out just fine. Since this ER visit, I have daily symptoms to where I either need to use my rescue inhaler, or if it is bad enough give myself a breathing treatment. I had a post-ER follow-up with my pulmonologist, and he doesn't want me to be on steroids right now. He told me to just maintain. Of course, I am taking my preventive daily, and doing everything I know to do after having an overnighter in the ER. Long way of getting to my questions, but is it normal to struggle this long? How long should I try to "maintain" before I go back and see my pulmonologist? He said he wants to hold off on steroids, until I am sick or something. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Hey all,

So, I was diagnosed with asthma about 9 years ago, and I am currently under the care of a pulmonologist. I am currently taking Breo (100mcg/25mcg) 1 puff/day, Spiriva (1.25 mcg) 2 puffs/day, and ProAir as needed. About two weeks ago, I went to the ER for chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath, that would not be relieved by my inhaler. I was admitted, because they did an EKG (since I am in the 35 and older category), and it came back abnormal. All tests that they did during my overnighter in the ER came back fine, and there is no known cardiac concern at this time. Since being discharged from the hospital, I still have constant asthma symptoms. I had a follow up two days ago with my pulmonologist, and he told me to just "maintain". He didn't want to prescribe any steroids at this time, because those have their own side effects. I am doing my best to "maintain", but I am still needing my rescue inhaler daily, or if I am bad enough, a breathing treatment. Anyhow, long way to get to my it normal to have symptoms for weeks post-ER? This last attack I had wasn't severe enough to be admitted, it was a heart concern that got me admitted. I think the asthma part got overlooked after they gave me a breathing treatment in the ER and steroids in my IV. Just wondering what I should do, I am doing my best to maintain, but it is wearing me out.

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