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I'm 55 and diagnosed with late onsite asthma 15 years ago. Like many on here a cold can easily turn into bronchitis which will last for weeks.
Just wanted to share my "action plan" in these cases which involve making the decision to get to the Dr. or Urgent Care as needed to get an immediate 1 week short burst of prednisone. (Don't think they side effects long term are any good for us but in emergency situations it's necessary and short term)

Many times during the 3 to 4 weeks of bronchitis it wanes and improves at different times. Many times I can hardly breathe and sit all night in my lazy boy. Laying down causes a mucos plug resulting in asthma attach usually late at night when it's bad.

Key steps which help when dealing with a chest cold or bronchitis:

Get prednisone burst pack ASAP
Antibiotics such as Zithromycin can help stop developing to pneumonia
Claratin D during this episode
Quercitin tablets with Bromide and Vit C
Bronchaid intermittently with coffee (caffeine) when especially bad in the middle of the night - yes not much sleep but I can breathe
Double up on inhaled corticosteroid dose at least once a day with the other dose normal
No working out and keep career responsibilities to a minimum - call in sick a few days if needed and rest
Lots of water, tea and coffee - no alcohol
Only use a cough suppressant at night if necessary because you want to cough to break up the phlem as much as possible

I've learned to hit any respiratory infection hard and fast especially since I developed asthma at 40. Sometimes I've been so bad was not sure I'd make it through the night - I'm sure you've all been there and it's not a pleasant feeling

I hope this action plan helps someone and if you have one to share please do. Maybe we can keep this list growing to help everyone dealing with COPD or Ashtma.

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