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[QUOTE=skittles411]here's my story - I had never had bronchitis before. I had a really bad sinus infection last march, and took antibiotics for that, which cleared it up, but I started having some trouble breathing after that, which I attributed to things like still too much mucous in my throat and whatever. Then I felt better for about a week. Then I ended up in the hospital because I had trouble breathing. I had no history of anything like this before so they took an xray said I had bronchitis, but me on biaxin and sent me home, and told me to go to my doctor in a few days. So I did that. A couple weeks later I woke up one morning having a lot of trouble breathing and ended up in the hospital again. The Dr. ended up putting me on albuterol and prednisone and telling me to visit my pcp in a few days. Eventually he decided I had asthma and put me on advair.

Here's a question - how do you know when you have bronchitis, and when you might just be having breathing problems due to asthma?[/QUOTE]

Well, the first thing I notice before I even get out of bed is that from my throat down into the chest is sore. That right there tells me that I will be getting bronchitis. I have to act right away and get antibiotics as I am allergic to everthing. Today is the 7th day on Levaquin, and I still feel the same, if not worse, I can already tell it will be developing into a hoarse cough and hurts now to cough. All I know is that it seems to me the change of weather brings mine on. When I start the coughing I am to use Albuteral, but if not, use my Flovent and my Serevent. (My insurance won't pay for Advair). The only thing the Dr. could tell me was that I had asthma. I still don't see how I could get it after 38 years of not having it. But ever since I was sick for 4 months last year with it, it had stuck around... It is frustrating. The only time I feel short of breath is climbing up stairs and walking alot, so I try not to during that time. I was told when I was a child that I had "bronchial asthma". I usually don't have any raspyness in my chest, just hurts to breathe, it all goes hand in hand for me.

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