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Man, do I understand that completely! There have been times that I didn't care that my breathing was down and my doctors were worried, but I had no care whatsoever. I was more upset that they admitted me than how poorly I was breathing! I hate the prednisone and I hate the breathing issues. I hate that it affects you THAT much. I mean, to most people, asthma is something where you take a maintenance medication everyday and use your inhaler every once in a while. This is NOT life to me to have to take a breathing treatment out of my nebulizer to be able to go back to sleep for another couple of hours before I wake up in need of another treatment.

A suggestion: Throw yourself into some new type of hobby. Me, I'm learning to smock nightgowns and pajamas for kids around the area who have chronic disorders (something I can TOTALLY relate to!) and am delivering them to them in the hospital. This way they can have something to wear in the hospital aside from those icky gowns. And, it helps me realize that I'm not the only one out there.

Live life to the fullest that you can. I understand that asthma is robbing you of some things...believe me do I understand...I couldn't do school this semester because of it and I often miss out on things.

Focus on the positive in life, even though you don't want to! Do something special for you. Splurge on a new pair of pants or go to the movies or something. Pamper yourself aside from just taking breathing treatments.

Also, remember that it is okay to feel these feelings and there is a time and a place to feel sorry for yourself! Let yourself have these moments, but not for too long. Pick yourself back up and get out there! Remember, we're here for you too!

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